I don’t always listen to full albums, but when I do they include Tool, Rival Sons, Volbeat and Dream Theater.

Here is a look at my personal top 10 full albums of 2019:

  1. Who Do You Trust – Papa Roach

(For a band that’s been around for more than 25 years they seem to have really re-discovered their groove in recent years. Of their 10 studio albums this one might just crack the top 3)

  1. The Great Adventure – The Neal Mosre Band

(This 2-Disc concept album mixes happy melodies, storytelling and prog rock for a long, but fully enjoyable ride)

  1. Walk The Sky – Alter Bridge

(Alter Bridge stretched out a bit more on their 6th studio album. The guys even manage to weave in some keyboards this time around without losing their hard rock edge)

  1. A War On Everything – The Glorious Sons

(Some anger mixed in with a kind of strong rebellious energy. And the world can use some of that right now. This collection of songs feel motivational, but without being menacing at the same time)

  1. Rewind, Replay and Rebound – Volbeat

(Volbeat are usually at the very top of my lists, but this album, while still good has not had the same level of connection to me as I’ve come to expect)

  1. Let’s Rock – The Black Keys

(I’m kind of a lukewarm fan of The Black Keys, but I found myself streaming this album more often than I realized in 2019)

  1. Distance Over Time – Dream Theater

(I get it. DT are not for everyone, and even for fans like me you have to be in a certain mood. But when that mood strikes full Dream Theater records are the way to go)

  1. Fear Inoculum – Tool

(Only 3 songs on this record really drew me in, but time wise those 3 songs take up 38:47 a little more than half of the total time of 79:10)

  1. Trauma – I Prevail

(This band has just the right mix of power and precision. They get the concept that light appears lighter when contrasted with darkness. IP will be on my list of best live shows of the year as well)

  1. Feral Roots – Rival Sons

(The best of the best of 2019 hands down. Real, honest, greasy and raw rock & roll)

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