Dave & Chuck the Freak

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Latest Episode: Thursday, December 13th 2018 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how Lisa is always surrounded by nerds at work, guys paying to pleasure a stripper, the most searched things on Google in 2018, Ask D&CtF- listeners need help getting their partner to find her sex appeal, should they worry about their partners choice of porn, a burglar trapped…
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The Mark & Andy Show

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Latest Episode: Mark & Andy Podcast 12.8.18 - Kitchen Yotes
This week the crew is back in the studio and while Mark & Andy discuss their recent gaming achievments, Jade reveals her game of choice is Wood Block Puzzle, The Devil's Lettuce is finally legal, the man behind bowling alleys, shower indicents, yote jackets, Andy's review of cracker snacks, when you start to smell old…

Talkin' Rock With Meltdown

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Latest Episode: Talkin' Rock with RNR Hall Of Fame member Steve Hackett
Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame member Steve Hackett is on Talkin' Rock. His new solo album "At The Edge Of Light" drops on January 25th so he's making the rounds promoting it. That's where today's conversation starts..... *The "United Nations" of musicians on his new record *He tells me about some of the tracks…

The Sound Of...

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Latest Episode: The Sound Of...Jumbled Emotions (Season 2 Episode 37)
Segment One: The Sound Of…Tears (Bad and Good):    (Time:   18:32) In reference to joining Warren Haynes on stage playing “All Apologies” Dave Grohl recently told Rolling Stone"As we were playing it, the audience starts to sing along, and I'm crying my eyes out onstage trying to keep it together - what a beautiful moment.",…

Meltdown - Radio Chatter

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Latest Episode: Radio Chatter with Darren McCarty
D-Mac is out making the rounds, bringing stories and comedy to the hockey loving massess....and you should go see it! The show is really good. He talks about all the places his show will take him this weeekdn and beyond. On today's show we talk about.. *How the show got started *Why he does it…