Dave & Chuck the Freak

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Latest Episode: Monday, November 19th 2018 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a some listeners suffering with issues related to anal fissures, an elevator failure that dropped passengers over 80 floors, strange places people go to the bathroom at gas stations, David Arquette got injured in a wrestling death match, when strippers and fire combine, fart controversy at the World…
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The Mark & Andy Show

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Latest Episode: Mark & Andy Podcast 11.10.18 - Buffalo Ken
This week Mark & Jade recap Maynard's wine tasting event, Mark's breakfast hummus & the new vending machine, Andy tries to help a girl on a flight & ends up putting on a show, Mark goes on a walkabout in Boston & ends up in a weird tourist field trip, Andy debates if it's dumb…

Talkin' Rock With Meltdown

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Latest Episode: Talkin' Rock with Hands Like Houses and The Black Moods.
Today on Talkin' Rock it's two singers from two different kinds of bands. Trenton Woodley from Hands Like Houses, and Josh Kennedy from The Black Moods. Both bands are touring the states with HLH headlining their own tour with the Black Moods opening for legendary guitarist Joe Perry. Trenton, is up first and we talked…

The Sound Of...

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Latest Episode: The Sound Of...Timeless Music
Segment One: The Sound Of…Different Eras:   (Time:   22:04) Would Pink Floyd have been a massive success if they started their career today? How would Green Day have fared in the 70s? Anne and Steve discuss the various eras of rock and the bands that are truly timeless. Segment Two: The Sound Of… Queen:  …

Nerd Radio

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Latest Episode: Excelsior Nerdradio
Chuck, Al and James all talk about the passing of Stan "the Man" Lee and thier favorite memories of his work and his cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. G.K. stops by to discuss all the announcements coming out of Blizzcon and Erica and James preview this weekend's WWE events.

Latest WRIF Audio

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Latest Episode: Neil From Three Days Grace Talks About Writing Songs That Go Over Live
Meltdown had Neil Sanderson from 3DG on his Talkin' Rock podcast and asked him about writing songs that translate to the stage. Listen to the entire interview here....https://wrif.com/episodes/talkin-rock-with-three-days-grace-neil-sanderson-and-tsos-jeff-plate/

Meltdown - Radio Chatter

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Latest Episode: Radio Chatter with Darren McCarty
D-Mac is out making the rounds, bringing stories and comedy to the hockey loving massess....and you should go see it! The show is really good. He talks about all the places his show will take him this weeekdn and beyond. On today's show we talk about.. *How the show got started *Why he does it…