Dave & Chuck the Freak's Tasty Bits

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Latest Episode: Tasty Bits Podcast 04-23-19
Don't have time to listen to the whole Dave & Chuck the Freak podcast? Check out some of the tastiest bits of the day, including an Easter basket a listener’s neighbor left for him which included a bottle of lube, some of the creepy service people who have been in your house, waking up to…

Dave & Chuck the Freak

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Latest Episode: Tuesday, April 23rd 2019 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener that need advice about what his “buddy” should do after sending friends a highly embarrassing snapchat, an Easter Bunny that broke up a fight, a listener that was given a lube gift basket, famous inmates meals for Easter, having a creepy worker in your house, dog…
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The Mark & Andy Show

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Latest Episode: Butter Lamb - 4.20.19
This week Mark shares an odd experience he had buying lotion at a gas station, Andy shares his birthday update with his dad, we all have too many streaming services, Easter Sunday & the butter lamb, Oleo Margarine, 4/20, wrestling and more! 

Talkin' Rock With Meltdown

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Latest Episode: Talkin' Rock with Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson is my guest today on Talkin' Rock. Some people know him from Brother Cane, or his time in Thin Lizzy/Black Star Riders, or maybe Alice Cooper. His new album "Memoirs Of An Uprising" is out, and it's stellar! Go grab it! Damon's now living in the heart of music in Nashville, so he's…

The Sound Of...

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Latest Episode: Sammy Hagar and Music Too Evil For...
Segment One: Our Top 7 List of Sammy Hagar Songs:             Time:   18:52 Sammy Hagar is a rock & roll legend who has been in way too many bands, but Anne and Steve isolate just his solo work while selecting the Top 7 favorite Sammy Hagar songs. Segment Two: Music That is Just Too Evil…

Latest WRIF Audio

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Latest Episode: Eric From I Prevail Explains The Writing Process Behind Trauma
Trauma is the new album from I Prevail. Eric Vanlerberghe talks about why they went up North to write for this record. Hear the entire interview with Meltdown here...https://wrif.com/episodes/talkin-rock-with-eric-and-dylan-from-i-prevail/

Meltdown - Radio Chatter

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Latest Episode: Radio Chatter with Darren McCarty
D-Mac is out making the rounds, bringing stories and comedy to the hockey loving massess....and you should go see it! The show is really good. He talks about all the places his show will take him this weeekdn and beyond. On today's show we talk about.. *How the show got started *Why he does it…