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Michigan Haunted House Named Best in the Nation

Halloween is a time for fun costumes, spooky movies, and haunted house experiences. Some Halloween enthusiasts often seek out haunted houses and attractions. USA Today, 10Best has compiled a list of the ten best haunted houses and attractions in the U.S. They had a group of experts put forward the nominees. Then, their editors narrowed it down to the final ones. From there, readers got to have their say and vote on the ultimate winners. "These ten haunted houses/attractions have been voted by our readers as the best in the country for the quality of their actors, set designs, and special effects, as well as value for money," USA Today wrote. Which Michigan haunted house made the Top 10? Securing the third spot on the list is Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House in Madison Heights. The ranking spotlights the storyline behind this haunted house experience. It centers around Azra, an ancient and powerful dragon, and his unique collection of the most spine-tingling fears, carefully housed within the Chamber of Horrors. Around every corner, visitors encounter new and unsettling elements, each aiming to test the courage of those who dare to explore. This haunted house in Michigan has garnered impressive reviews on Google, with a 4.7-star rating out of 5 from over 800 reviews. One visitor shared their positive experience, writing, "Drove 4 hours to visit, was not disappointed. Staff was great and the haunted house was awesome. The detail & effort put into every aspect really made it a great experience." Another reviewer appreciated the scare factor, stating, "It was definitely spooky and nerve-racking. The actors did a great job, and the staff provided excellent service." Claiming the top spot on their list is Cutting Edge Haunted House, located in Fort Worth, Texas. They describe it as more than just your typical haunted house, as the journey begins the moment guests step into the parking lot. This unique attraction, known as Hell's Half Acre, is set within the eerie confines of a century-old abandoned meatpacking plant. It offers visitors an immersive 55-minute haunted experience filled with multiple layers of thrills. See their complete ranking of the top ten best haunted houses and attractions here. [select-listicle listicle_id="651967" syndication_name="8-must-visit-haunted-houses-in-michigan-this-spooky-season" description="yes"]

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