Dave & Chuck the Freak’s Tasty Bits

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1415 episodes

Dave Hurt Jason

01:03:04 Download March 1st

Trust No One, Help No One

01:33:16 Download February 29th

Dave Shoots Chuck

01:28:58 Download February 28th

Dave’s Mexican Facial

01:15:17 Download February 23rd

To Catch A Pervert

01:22:59 Download February 22nd

Celebrity Man Nipples

01:06:35 Download February 21st

Latin Michael Jackson

01:07:54 Download February 20th

Door Dash Pooper

01:25:58 Download February 19th

Hypnotized To Fart

01:19:53 Download February 16th

Dark Sided Fetish

59:01 Download February 15th

Sex in Prison

01:11:14 Download February 14th

Creepy Camping

01:17:35 Download February 13th

Backyard Stripper

55:28 Download February 12th

Lil John Yoga

01:10:52 Download February 9th

Bubble Hash

01:13:43 Download February 8th

Shocking Confessions

01:03:45 Download February 7th

Balls Out Motocross

01:27:04 Download February 6th

Saved By Guys In Towels

01:00:51 Download February 5th

Lady Prisoner Stories

01:18:02 Download February 2nd

Booty Blaze

01:09:11 Download February 1st

Sphincter Rebuild

01:15:44 Download January 31st

Sexual Fail

01:08:14 Download January 30th

Calmed By Nickelback

59:42 Download January 26th

Fast Food Surprise

01:04:11 Download January 24th

What Work Made You Do

01:17:33 Download January 23rd

Sammy Probed By Aliens

01:06:29 Download January 22nd

Snoop’s Thang

50:11 Download January 19th

Naked Tuna

01:13:38 Download January 18th

Awkward Office Visits

01:09:30 Download January 17th

Trading Urine

56:03 Download January 16th

Voice Fishing

01:12:45 Download January 15th

Scandals At Work

01:03:24 Download January 12th

Sex With Smokey

01:05:16 Download January 11th

Prison Reviews

01:14:06 Download January 10th

Charlie No Dong

01:16:30 Download January 9th

Nude Cannon Ball

01:07:24 Download January 8th

Prison Farter

01:04:55 Download January 5th

Mullet Championship

01:32:30 Download January 4th

Sleeping Nude

01:29:19 Download January 3rd

Lobster Heist

01:39:46 Download January 2nd

Bidet Hidden Cam

01:12:03 Download December 29th, 2023

Ball Smuggler

01:19:11 Download December 28th, 2023

Scrotal Horror Stories

01:18:02 Download December 27th, 2023

Too Big to Ride

01:18:28 Download December 26th, 2023

Raw Dogging Jello

01:04:09 Download December 22nd, 2023

Male Pregnancy Fetish

56:52 Download December 21st, 2023
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