LISMORE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 15: A crowd enjoys a performance by the band Sheppard during the One From The Heart benefit concert on May 15, 2022 in Lismore, Australia. The concert was put on to lift the spirits of Lismore residents who are still dealing with the aftermath of multiple flood events which hit the town earlier this year. (Photo by Dan Peled/Getty Images)

Spiritbox release a unexpected three-song-EP called Rotoscope a few weeks ago. It includes the three songs Rotoscope, Sew Me Up and Hysteria.

The sound of the new EP is a bit of a departure from what the band did with their debut album Eternal Blue; It leans more towards an alternative rock sound.


Lead singer Courtney LaPlante shared her feelings on the EP on her Instagram, saying, “Thank you for keeping an open mind and for the warm reception. I don’t like to think of the music I make at this point in my life as ‘maturing’ or ‘evolving’. That always kind of makes me roll my eyes, as there is nothing mature or evolved about me, lol. I just think about each song as a little slice of who I am and there is no black-and-white, ‘this is now the only music I make from now on,’ and no appropriate ratio of singing to screaming. I want to always improve my writing skills. It’s just music we love to make so I thank you all for listening.”


I love that she points out that making different music doesn’t mean anything thing more than you want new challenges and want to make something new. Bands don’t always have to make the same sounding music. Good for them for doing what they want.  They are touring this year with Ghost and Mastodon and will be in Saginaw on September 19th!




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