About Al Beck

Al Beck was born and raised in Royal Oak, MI and, as a graduate of Dondero High School (now Royal Oak Middle School), he is quick to remind people that he shares his alma mater with musician Glenn Frey (known best as a founding member of the Eagles).

A long time listener of WRIF and a fan of many different forms of entertainment, Al found himself in the classrooms of Specs Howard in 2006 and first arrived at The Riff that same year as an intern at the age of 19. He quickly found his way into the studio and onto a microphone as Screamin' Scott's Midnight Metal helper and newsman. Midnight Metal is the heavy metal call-in request hour that originally inspired Al to attend broadcast school. In 2009 he would take over as the show's host and remains in that position to this day.

Al Beck has shouldered many different jobs and responsibilities in his time here at WRIF, from promotions street team member to board-op and producer, but his favorite remains letting lose on a microphone, always extending the open invite to you to join him on his journey to achieve his daily goal: HAVE FUN ON THE RADIO!