Did you miss this week’s Midnight Metal? Hear something and wonder “who was that? That was AWESOME! ” Here’s what you heard on this week’s edition of Midnight Metal:

Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone
Amon Amarth – Cry of the Blackbirds
Make Them Suffer – Ghost of Me

Exodus – Thorn in My Side
Sleep Token – The Summoning
Children of Bodom – Sixpounder
Traitors – Short Fused
The Zenith Passage – Lexicontagion
Meshuggah – Rational Gaze
See You Next Tuesday – Honey, I’ve Never Had Sex That Wasn’t Awkward

The Devil Wears Prada – Still Fly
Hatebreed – Destroy Everything
Possessed – Death Metal


Swedish Metal Band Avatar Devastates The Royal Oak Music Theater