Anne Erickson

Listen to Rival Sons’ New Album, ‘Darkfighter’

Rival Sons have released their hugely anticipated new album, "Darkefighter," via Low Country Sound/Atlantic Records. Listen to the album here and below. "It's a great and accomplished feeling to be able to present to everyone our 8th album: 'Darkfighter,'" Scott Holiday said in a statement. "This is most certainly our most focused and well thought out album. Something I am very proud of on a personal level. From the early writing and recording to the mixing and mastering… and even the artwork… this is something that represents very much where we are and especially how we have grown. We've done our best to push the limits on every aspect once again." "This is a new feeling, a new experience to think of 'Darkfighter' being released," Jay Buchanan added. "This one is a breed apart. The band has never had so much time to create a collection and we’ve certainly never collaborated more deeply on any album in our career. In retrospect, the experience and life lived while writing and recording this one feels dense, like ten years were lived in just those two. Eighth record in I'm thankful we consciously challenged the vocabulary we've built together, more for our survival as a band than anything else."

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