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Let’s bring out the crystal ball and predict the big changes that will impact musicians in 2023! I do not have an actual crystal ball so I had to settle for a Magic 8 Ball to make some news. Again this is totally non-scientific, and there is no truth to any of the rumors I am about to tell you. Just all in fun and let’s see what happens, shall we?

  • AC/DC Will Put Out New Album and Major Tour

    Brian Johnson is tight lip on leaking anything about what’s next for AC/DC. I got a hunch from unreliable sources that the new album is done and a possible huge tour is in the works. My feeling is by early spring we will hear news and we’ll have a very expensive tour coming in 2023.

  • OZZY Will Make a Surprise appearance at a few Huge Music Festivals, but No Tour

    I hope I’m wrong on this prediction about Ozzy Osbourne. With his health in question the thought of a massive tour is not in the cards. The recording studio will still be a friend to Ozzy but I think a surprise announcement of some one off shows at major festivals is possible.

  • U2 will make good on a promise of a harder rock album

    Midway through 2022, Bono told music lovers he wanted to grab Mutt Lang, a famous rock album producer to make a noisy rock and roll record before the band is done. Kind of like an AC/DC album. No plans are currently in the works, but we can always believe in a dream to come true in 2023.

  • Machine Gun Kelly Will Quit Rock and Make a Country Album

    When making predictions you always have to make one that would be outrageous. So if Dolly Parton can make a rock album why can’t Machine Gun Kelly make a Country album? Maybe play the Grand Ole Opry. Ok, maybe too big of a prediction.

  • The Band Ghost Will Welcome a New Papa Emeritus V

    I  think that Papa Emeritus VI is scheduled to die sometime after the band’s upcoming European trek. Just a hunch but look for a big shake-up before the band’s next album. I asked the Magic 8 Ball and it said busy try again later. So nothing is confirmed on the rumor I just started.

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