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Pearl Jam: Latest on Their New LP

Pearl Jam has been working on music for a new album, and Eddie Vedder had some comments about it during the band's show last night (September 19) in Austin, Texas. Per fansite, Vedder said during the show, "I think you know we’ve made a record for next year, and I won’t give anything away, but what I can tell you is if you like the musicians in this group, I think you’re gonna hear them play, and it just came out really good, and you’re gonna hear them playing at their highest level." News of Pearl Jam working on new music first surfaced in early 2022. [inlink id="pearl-jam-working-on-new-album-with-andrew-watt" text="That January"], MOJO published an interview with Vedder where he said the band was working with producer Andrew Watt on their new album. Watt, of course, has racked up a number of high-profile producing credits in recent years, most notably working with Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malon. He also produced Vedder's latest solo album, 2022's Earthling, and was part of the backing band on Vedder's solo tour. In December 2022, [inlink id="pearl-jam-working-quickly-and-spontaneously-on-new-album" text="Stone Gossard told 101 WRIF's Meltdown"] that fans can expect new Pearl Jam music during 2024. At that time, Gossard said, " ... There’s songs that are getting close to being done and there’s a bunch that aren’t. I think we’ve got a good start on another record that will be hopefully good." [select-gallery gallery_id="282371" syndication_name="pearl-jam-top-50-songs-ranked" description="yes"]

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