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RiffFest 2024

After months and months of anticipation, the WRIF announced the official 2024 Riff Fest lineup this week. Last year’s event was such a great time and brought many favorite Riff Fest memories. Everyone at WRIF is really stoked to celebrate another great year with you at this live event. If this is your first Riff Fest, then you’re in for a treat. Riff Fest is an annual tradition, and every year, we love bringing the show to you.

Last year’s Riff Fest was completely sold out. The 2023 edition featured sets from Michigan’s own I Prevail, as well as Bad Omens, Rival Sons, Badflower and Giovannie and the Hired Guns, Des Rocs, Tigercub and Brkn Love. Since I Prevail are from the Detroit area, it was a total local party at the show. This year, I Prevail is touring with Halestorm, and they continue to forge ahead and represent Michigan on the national scene. Another big draw in 2023 was Bad Omens, who hit it big with their TikTok hit, “Just Pretend.” The band’s set featured lots of new cuts off their 2023 album, “The Death of Peace of Mind.” This year’s RiffFest lineup promises an awesome lineup with Godsmack, Seether, Asking Alexandria, Wage War, Sleep Theory, Royale Lynn, Fame on Fire and more. For more information on this year’s Riff Fest, go here.

Looking back on Riff Fest memories, it’s difficult to pick a favorite, especially if you’ve gone many years. “Hard to pick one favorite memory of all the Riff Fests we’ve done,” says WRIF’s Jade. “We’ve had so many incredible bands through the years who have done so many amazing things with WRIF and all of the fans who come to the show.” That said, the WRIF jocks are looking back on their favorite Riff Fest memories and moments of all time. It’s cool to see people like Meltdown and Jade who have been to tons of Riff Fests name their favorite moments.

WRIF Jocks Name Their Favorite Riff Fest Memories

  • Jade Springart

    One of the best memories would have to be last year, when I got to bring my parents to the show and take them backstage and really show them what I do at work. It’s not just listening to music all day. They had a blast and will definitely be there this year!

    RiffFest 2024.


  • Meltdown

    I loved seeing the local guys I Prevail take the stage for their biggest hometown gig. So cool. Oh, how about Greta Van Fleet opening the main stage as they were starting to kick off their career? There was a huge buzz. Even Rob Zombie and his wife Sherri Moon walked to the side of the stage to watch the kids from Frankenmuth.

    RiffFest 2024.


  • Aimee

    My favorite memory is making friends with the guys from Rival Sons by telling them about the kitten I had just rescued. Also, getting to hang out with all my people is always very special to me.

    RiffFest 2024.


  • Cort Freeman

    Riff Fest 2023 was my favorite Riff Fest. Sure, it was my first Riff Fest, but it was so much fun that I made sure to clear my schedule for Riff Fest 2024. My favorite part last year was getting to play games with tailgaters before the show started.

    RiffFest 2024.


  • Jonel Jaksa

    My favorite Riff Fest moment was actually just last year. My son got to attend Riff Fest with me for the first time. Unlike his dad, Owen isn’t a big concert guy. I always offer to take him to shows, but he rarely takes me up on it. In 2023, I got to spend the entire day with him at Pine Knob. He enjoyed all the bands, and he even got to come backstage when all of us jocks went to thank the crowd and get our pics onstage. He loved it, and I loved that he did.

    RiffFest 2024.


  • Nathan Franklin

    My favorite and only memory was me and Cort running around before I Prevail took the main stage to pass out a bunch of pit passes. Naturally, we went to the fans all the way in the back to find our lucky people. It was so much fun and so rewarding to give people who didn’t have front row seats pit passes.

    RiffFest 2024.


  • Anne Erickson

    I loved everything about Riff Fest 2023. My favorite part was probably helping run the Bad Omens meet-and-greet. I’m a big Bad Omens fan, and it was a thrill to meet them. I still have “The Death of Peace of Mind” on repeat.

    RiffFest 2024.

    Anne Erickson

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