Lots to discuss with Barry Kerch of Shinedown on the latest Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown podcast. Luckily, you can watch this interview below.

The Album That Best Represents Shinedown

I asked him to pick one album that best represents the band. He had an interesting answer. His favorite is not the one he picked. He told me which one he liked the best, but that was not the same as the one he thought was the best representation of their music. Watch the interview to see if it’s the one you’d choose.

Shinedown Hot Sauce

The band also has a new hot sauce out. Shinedown’s Symptom Chipotle Garlic Sauce is out, and Barry is all about it. He’s an avid cook, always looking for new spices and sauces. He talks about how they teamed up with Torch Bearer Sauces. Barry said there are two more they will drop, but just not yet.

Barry Kerch of Shinedown Talks About The Past 21 Years

We also talked about the band’s last two-plus decades. “It’s been a blur,” Barry said. He said the band is the best it’s ever been. He spoke about Brent Smith’s sobriety and his work ethic. He doesn’t look back, but his brother egged him on to embrace his past and be proud of his accomplishments.

New Shinedown?

What’s up with the new Shinedown? “We’re in it and working hard on it.” With so much going on with the band, they’re trying to balance everything on their plate.

He said he’s so lucky to be in a band with such talented people. He’s definitely in the

  • barry kerch on Talkin' Rock

    Watch the interview with Barry here. So good to reconnect with him. I believe this is the first time I’ve ever interviewed him solo.

  • Shinedown's Symptom chipotle garlic Sauce

    Here’s more info about Shinedown’s Hot Sauce.

  • talkin' rock with meltdown - audio only

    Here’s the audio-only version of our conversation. Check out the podcast, then follow/subscribe. Bonus, Kerry King of Slayer.


    Kerry King of Slayer



  • brent smith of shinedown talks about every song on leave a whisper

    People ask me about my favorite interviews all the time. This one ranks right near the top! Brent went over every track on their debut album, Leave A Whisper. This is great listening!


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