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Here it is…the first installment of Track X Track. From time to time, I’m going to get an artist to go over a monumental album in their catalog.

I’ll be honest: It might be hard to top this guest. This turned out way better than I could’ve hoped. Brent remembered details from every song.

I’ve known Brent since the very early days of the band. When I asked him if he would do this with me, he did not hesitate at all.

What you’re about to watch is one take, no edits. He goes over every song and gives a backstory to each and every one. Since I can’t recall what I did last weekend, the fact that Brent could tell me so much about every track is that much more impressive to me.

He recalls how the band was formed, the “Shit Brown Buick” tour to promote the album and themselves. He tells me about working with famed music theorist, Rick Beato. How and why did they cover “Simple Man”? What song did he write after his grandmother’s untimely death? He talks about what Brad Stewart, Jasin Todd and Barry Kerch all they brought to the album. That’s just for starters. This is so good!

I included every song on the album below, in case you wanted to pause the interview at any point to hear any of them.


  • Track #1 - Fly From The Inside

    Brent said he spent an entire day on the yell at the beginning of the song. “Fly From The Inside was the first vocal song that we did”

  • Track #2 - Left Out

    “Left Out was something we were just kicking around”. Brent continued “This song is going to lift the momentum of the live show”

  • Track #3 - Lost In The Crowd

    Brent talked about how Rick Beato was intrical in writing this song.

  • Track #4 - No More Love

    It was one of the first things Jasin and Brent ever wrote together. He also talks about the use of a certain guitar on this song. “There’s like three versions of me on this song”

  • Track #5 - Better Version

    “It totally was” autobiographical. “That was a difficult song to do”

  • Track #6 - Burning Bright

    “Man, this was really an emotional one” Personally, the story he told about this song had the hair on my arms stand up. So good!

  • Track #7 - In Memory

    “Was one of the last song written and recorded for the record.”

  • Track #8 - All I Ever Wanted

    “We had a lot of fun recording that one.” “I think this song will really button the record up” Rick Beato

  • Track #9 - Stranger Inside

    While listening to the album start to finish on a recent flight, Brent said this song took him right back to the recording of the album. Let’s just say this was a “hot” song to record.

  • Track #10 - Lacerated

    “There’s a lot of things I can say about this track”….I’ll leave it at that and let Brent tell you about the song….and the GONG!

  • Track #11 - Crying Out

    “It was talked about being a single, early on in the vocals” Brent said it was an incredible live song.

  • Track #12 - 45

    “We’d be here an hour” if we were to talk about this song. It was the first song Brent wrote with Tony Battaglia. “We wrote 45 in literally, I’m not even kidding, in thirty minutes”

  • Track #13 - Simple Man

    “It wasn’t planned what happened” with this song becoming so huge. And that’s just for starters on this Lynyrd Skynyrd cover.

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