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Comedian Dusty Slay On His Michigan Connections, Playing Late Night TV And More

This interview is very funny! What a thrill to talk to comedian Dusty Slay. I've been a fan since I first saw him a few years ago. His latest Netflix special is a must-see. It's called "Working Man" and I give it two thumbs up. Great stuff! You'll be able to see him live in Michigan at the Royal Oak Music Theater on June 1st. I saw Dusty at Kid Rock's Comedy Jam in Nashville last year. He, well, slayed! We talked about some of his material, which is mainly about things that he's done, or have happened to him throughout his life. We also talked about some other comedians. It didn't surprise me that he doesn't watch as many comedians as you'd think. "I just don't watch that much comedy...I do so much" He did say that he didn't want to become influenced by other people. He spoke to where he thinks his big catchphrase "We're having a good time" came from. Ironically, another comedian I recently interviewed pegged that comedy album has a huge influence on him as well. I found it fascinating to hear the story of how the late, great Norm Macdonald gave him some great tips and liked what he did. "Comedy's a real small world. I think that if you're good at comedy, you get respect from the other comedians." Dusty talked about playing late-night shows. I was surprised to know he had to submit his set to the show beforehand. He also gave some great advice for aspiring comedians. Check out some of the "Michigan" related videos that he sent me after our conversation. He has some crazy connections to our state and has played here a bunch. Enjoy the interview with comedian Dusty Slay and get a laugh or two... Thanks, Dusty!  

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