Dave & Chuck The Freak on 101 WRIF is one of the best morning shows in the nation. Today we celebrate them being on WRIF’s airways for 10 years! In honor of all the great penis jokes, stupid criminals, and weird sex stories and everything in between. This is some of the show’s best work. This is from their “Peep Show” that Dave and Chuck along with their crew, create and share on their YouTube channel Dave & Chuck The Freak

Enjoy 19 of the show’s most popular and most hilarious videos they’ve posted to date. Some of the featured episodes include Dave getting a lap dance from a legless stripper, Stephen Colbert not doing his research prior to roasting Dave & Chuck, a near on-screen death (during a nut eating challenge) and even some vile accusations involving a used bottle of lotion. Of course, there’s so much more too! Be sure to watch the content below for some laughs that money just can’t buy.

  • Old Chuck Works At DQ

    Working at Dairy Queen for the employee discount only, might not be the soundest financial advice…

  • Stephen Colbert Roasts Dave & Chuck

    Remember to do your research before publicly calling out people please.

  • The Most Wisconsin Story Ever

    Great story involving ribs, choking, and a friend who does absolutely nothing.

  • Dave's Chicken Sandwich

    Dave gives us his hilarious account of how a group of (possibly) children, made him a mess of some type of chicken sandwich contraption.

  • Lotion Investigation

    Nearly a full criminal investigation is launched in this episode as a result of a used bottle of lotion, that nobody lays claim to.

  • Legless Stripper Lap Dance

    Buckle up for this one, as we have the legless wonder showing Dave all of her top tier moves.

  • Death Nut Challenge

    Hot stuff with James and some nuts, watch to see how it goes…

  • Chuck's Figurine Painting

    Chuck embraces his inner nerd with all of us in this one. One day he could paint a chapel.

  • Lisa Twitter Shames Chuck

    Dave loses sleep over some Earth-shattering news regarding aliens.

  • How Do We Know This Song

    Dave & Chuck the Freak were bombarded with texts, e-mails and calls from listeners trying to help them figure out where they know a jazz song from and at the end of the segment, still had absolutely no idea.

  • Dave's First Nut

    One of the greatest moments in one’s life, is the first time they put a nut in their mouth. Dave finally loses his nut-virginity here.

  • Pinned in a Sex Shop

    A driver in Florida crashes through the front doors of an adult store and the show talks about how it would be ‘Chuck Luck’ for Chuck to end up pinned under that car and interviewed by the news.

  • Dave & Chuck's Bar-Ber-Cue

    Professional DJs forget how to talk, one due to illness, the other because why not.

  • Dave's Crazy Life

    The adventures of Dave are on full display in this episode. Let us all pray for Dave when he grows old and is placed in a home.

  • Bee Sting Porn

    Bee stings and penises, not as good as Peanut Butter and Chocolate but to each their own.

  • Calling a Kentucky Perv

    Dave & Chuck were informed of a man in Kentucky that has bumper stickers on his car explicitly stating the sexual things he’s interested in. They called him and Dave proceeded to have one of the most epic conversations with the man about a potential meet-up.

  • The Bryster Flies By

    Ricky Bobby’s got nothing on this dad jumping a drawbridge in this one. We also get to hear everyone’s forbidden Nascar tale.

  • Lisa Way's Backyard

    Dave and Chuck talk about what it’s like for animals living in Lisa’s backyard.

  • Andy Scares Dave

    For the last show on the list, watch as you hear the Stephen King like-tale of how Dave almost defiled his pants after a little scare.

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