The Bill Of Rights Of Rock and Roll

In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared December 15 as “Bill of Rights day” in honor of the first ten amendments officially becoming part of the Constitution of the United States.

Riff TV Presents: New Music Breakdown

Listen to Danny Worsnop's "Little Did I Know" HERE. Read more about Citizen Cope's new album & stream new single HERE. Watch Deadland Ritual's first music video HERE. Listen to XXXTentacion's nu-metal song "One Minute" HERE.

December 6: A Day In Rolling Stones History

Considering their 50+ year career, it’s not surprising that some major events in Rolling Stones history may fall on the same date, but today (December 6) marks the anniversary of three very important moments.

U2 Tops 2018 Highest-Paid Musicians List

Despite the recent news that Bono’s foray into the world of fashion has led to a massive $86.4 million loss since 2004, he and his U2 bandmates have proven their money-making power when out on the road.

8 Crazy Nights In Rock History

Tonight (December 2) marks the first night of Hanukkah, and thanks to Adam Sandler referring to the holiday as “Eight Crazy Nights,” we thought we’d look back at eight crazy nights in rock history.  Enjoy!