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Steve Black

John Cleese Talks Monty Python

Legendary comedian and storyteller John Cleese of Monty Python fame is touring this year, inviting everyone to come and see him "before he dies". But, as Steve Black found out in this conversation with one of his comedy heroes, at the age of 83 John is very much alive and incredibly active. Not only with this audience interactive tour but also working on a stage production of 'Pythons' Life of Brian,' 'A Fish Called Wanda' musical and a sequel to the British TV series 'Faulty Towers.' Listen to the interview below to find out everything going on in the world of Monty Python! [audio mp3=""][/audio] [select-gallery gallery_id="731845" syndication_name="fictional-places-from-tv-movies-we-wish-we-could-visit" description="yes"]

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