Music has been my primary choice of entertainment from the single digit years on, so why should ridding out a pandemic change anything on that front?

The 5 (in reality closer to 80) bands/artists I’ve been listening to the most this week and last are:

Rage Against the Machine: We can all use a bit of Rage at the moment. They are a top 5 band of the 90s for me hands down.

This 1 song sample is my personal favorite from the band and it includes Maynard James Keenan from Tool on both the studio version and this 1994 live version too.

Volbeat: Original to the bone. A very current band with an old soul. It took me a while to warm up to the new album which is unusual for me. Normally I’m magnetically draw to them, however much of my favorites (songs and albums) took a while to digest.

The song I’m enjoying the most right now is “Die to Live”

Alice In Chains: I never really get burned out on AIC. But I must confess I prefer the deeper tracks.

This 1 song sample is spooky yet hypnotic and it might just be Jerry’s coolest guitar riff ever.

Orianthi: She is an amazing guitarist. Musically Ori is a little more pop that I can usually tolerate but her guitar abilities make up for the pop leanings.

This 1 song sample also has Steven Tyler of Aerosmith helping out on vocals.

Orianthi & Steven Tyler "SEX E BIZARRE" Official Lyric Video

Duet by Orianthi & Steven Tyler "Sex E Bizarre" Official Lyric Video. Song available now at: iTunes:

Armored Saint: About once a year I get in the mood for AS. John Bush is one of my favorite singers of that era and the guitars are always on point.

This little taste is among the songs I wish I had written. As a teenager this song was blasted on vinyl in my little bedroom in Flushing many, many times.

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