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Comparing The Voice Of Rock Stars To Inanimate Objects

Whoever made this video comparing the voice of rock stars to inanimate objects has won the internet. Congratulations! It's now yours. This is one of the funniest, most accurate videos we've seen in a long time. They compared the voice of various rock stars to random things...and, for the most part, they're pretty spot on! Check out the trending video below! Rock Stars That Sound Like... Be careful! This could end up changing the way you see your favorite rock stars and the way that they sound. Some of the biggest rock stars have very recognizable voices. It's not difficult to recognize the voice of Steven Tyler, Eddie Vedder, and Robert Plant. Their voices are part of what propelled them to stardom! Evidently, their voices were a little too familiar for whoever made this video shared by Avid Pro Tools on YouTube. The voice of these rock stars reminded them of something totally different. This isn't one of those comparisions like "have you noticed Creed sounds a lot like Nickelback?" No, this is different and...more unique, that's for sure. For some, you might not realize the connection until you watch the video and see how they paired all of these different voices. Now, I'm scared that I will always see and hear their voices this way. Contrarily, I'll be reminded of my favorite singers when I encounter these everyday things in real life. So, what did they do? Does Robert Plant really sound like a fork lift? Why does Kurt Cobain remind them of a coffee grinder? How is Ozzy Osbourne connected to windshield wipers? Does Michael Jackson sound like an old-school dot matrix printer? At first, you wouldn't think so. However, after you see this viral video you'll probably change your mind. Check out the video below! Hopefully, your life isn't forever changed afterwards.

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