MIAMI, FL - JULY 07: Paul McCartney performs in concert at American Airlines Arena on July 7, 2017 in Miami, Florida.

No, it’s not folklore- this happened in rock and roll history. Paul McCartney is always known for writing a great music hook for a son, and he’s also connected to hitting Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder jam once.

Turns out, the pair were chatting at a hotel bar in Vedder’s hometown of Seattle. McCartney was telling a tale of each moment when his forceful jab turned out to be less of a demonstration and more so the real punch. McCartney ended up re-enacting the punch, full force, on Vedder. Eddie had a busted lip and tasted blood all over his.

Eddie Vedder lived to tell a tale- surely, he took being punched by one of the Beatles as a rare badge of honor. Paul tells the stories of the Beatle’s cavern days and scuffs while playing in Germany with Pal John Lennon. I’m sure during the Fab Four days there was a scrum or two. I wonder if MMA cage fights would have rockers settle their beef with each other in the ring. Who wouldn’t pay to see a fight club of  David Lee Roth goes up against Gene Simmons, Roger Waters vs. David Gilmour, Lindsey Buckingham vs. Stevie Nicks, and Cory Taylor vs everyone? Till that time, we can just enjoy our favorite artists, “Belting,” our favorite tunes.


Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder was once punched in the face by Paul McCartney, and kinda liked it - NewsBreak

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder fondly recalls Paul McCartney giving him a right hook, and how he "missed it" when the pain and swelling went away. Being acknowledged by a rock god in any capacity, be it via a friendly handshake or a passing comment, is a moment that many music fans would hold close to their hearts.

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