LAS VEGAS - MARCH 26: Singer John Corabi performs at the Monster Circus show at the Las Vegas Hilton March 26, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show combines a concert featuring veteran rock stars performing hit songs from the '70s, '80s and '90s with dancers, aerialists and circus acts. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

New allegations are being tossed out like a piece of spaghetti to see what sticks to the wall. Former frontman for Motley Crue during Vince Neil’s firing, John Corabi is saying Mick Mars was forced out of the band. 

Bringing up some, excuse the pun, “Dirt,” on the band and Mick Mars while he was in the band recording the album, Generation Swine.” John Corabi stated in an interview on”

“I could be totally wrong about this, so don’t run around and f**king, whatever put it in print yet, but I’m just saying I’m waiting for Mick‘s response. The one that we’ve all heard came from Motley and their management.”

So ask yourself, could John Corabi be right about this claim that Mick was forced out? To my understanding, Mick is just not going to tour anymore.  Can’t wait to see Motley Crue with John 5 on guitar only because I’m a fan of John 5’s work and dedication to playing his guitar. This story I’m positive will gain some legs. Interested in what Nikki Sixx has to say about John Corabi’s claims. I remember in the studio the band would call John Corabi the nickname, ” Crabby.” Interested in your thoughts and comments. Is this a real question or is John Corabi looking for some spotlight? John Corabi was in town back in March to play the Token Lounge in Westland to pretty good reviews. Playing some Motley tunes in his setlist. Let’s see how this story develops in just a few weeks on social media.

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