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Human Interest

New Zealand Considering Proposal to Ban Smoking for Anyone Born After 2004

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Regal Cinemas Will Begin Phased Reopening In April

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Citigroup’s CEO Jane Fraser Calls For Zoom-Free Fridays

Man Finds ‘Shrimp Tails’ In His Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Someone Created ‘Vegan Bacon’ Made From Banana Peels

COVID-19 Vaccine In Pill Form Set To Enter First Clinical Trials

Krispy Kreme Sparks Controversy For Free Doughnut Incentive

Company to Pay Someone $2,400 to Spend 24 Hours Without Screens

DoorDash Driver Reportedly Held Customer’s Food In Exchange For Sex

United Flight Going To Miami Made Emergency Landing After Someone’s Ear Was Bit Off

Winery Wants to Pay Someone $10K/Month to Live Rent-Free in Sonoma Wine Country

Krispy Kreme Gives Free Doughnuts For Vaccinations

Buffalo Wild Wings Giving Away Free Wings Every Time A March Madness Game Goes To Overtime

Instagram Is Developing A Separate Instagram For Children Under 13

Spain to Become First Country to Test a 4-Day Workweek

Texas Diner Will Add $50 To Bill Of Any Patrons Told To Wear A Mask

How to Earn $5,000 for Taking Your Vacation Days

Theme Parks In California Want To ‘Mitigate Effects Of Screaming’

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New Study Finds ‘Runner’s High’ is Produced By Endocannabinoids, Not Endorphins

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Is Underway

‘Meow Mix’ Theme Remixed In Multiple Genres, Gets Vinyl Release