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Human Interest

Representative Elijah E. Cummings Unexpectedly Dies At 68

Watch: Hundreds Of Birds Crash Into NASCAR Hall Of Fame

Girl Pays Off School Loans, Has Funeral For Her Debt

Maui Burst Mountain Dew Is About To Hit Shelves

California Passes Law To Push Back School Times

Dublin Man Pre-Records Message To Play At Funeral: ‘Hello, Hello. Let Me Out’

Panera Bread Employee Posts Video Of How Mac And Cheese Is Made, Gets Fired

Suicide Prevention: 7 Warning Signs

97-Year-Old Man Becomes Oldest Nobel Prize Winner

STD Cases Are On The Rise Across The United States

Sesame Street Addresses Addiction With Their Latest Segment

Oktoberfest Attendees Lose Their Driving Licenses for ‘Drunk-Scooting’

Uber Introduces New Feature That Allows Pets

Puppy Accidentally Shoots Woman In Her Leg

The Goodyear Blimp is Available to Rent on Airbnb

St. Louis Bar Charges Patrons By The Hour, Not Per Drink

Man Has Tweezers Removed From Urethra After Being Stuck for Four Years

Man Gets Struck By Lighting Walking Dogs, Gets Caught On Video

Fortnite Lawsuit: Parents Say Game Is ‘As Addictive As Cocaine’

Four Dead In Kansas City Bar Shooting

Man Wins $750,000 Suing Ex-Wife’s Lover

Cinnamon Cookie Lattes Are Coming to McDonald’s

First Cannabis Cafe in the U.S. Opens

Bernie Sanders Hospitalized for Artery Blockage, Cancels Upcoming Campaign Events

Applebee’s Introduces $1 Vampire Cocktails for the Halloween Season

Jack Daniel’s Expands with New Apple Flavor

UPS Gets Thumbs Up From U.S. Government for a Drone Airline

Kid’s Lemonade Stand in Cincinnati Raises $125,000 For a Children’s Hospital

Roller Coaster Derails in Mexico City Leaving Two Dead

CVS Ends the Sale of Zantac Over Possible Cancer Link

Woman Dresses as a Bush to Witness Sister’s Engagement

Woman Delays Flight for “Fresh Air” by Opening Emergency Exit

DoorDash Security Breach Affects 4.9 Million Users

Japanese Airline Introduces ‘Baby Seat Map’ So Passengers Can Avoid Infants

Mattel is Releasing a Gender-Neutral Doll

McDonald’s is Testing Out a Plant-Based Burger in Canada

Juul’s CEO Stepping Down Amid Vaping Backlash

Watch: Viral Video Shows Wheelchair Moving on its own Outside a Hospital

Massachusetts Governor is Temporarily Banning All Vaping Products

Another Man Admits to Killing Teresa Halbach From ‘Making a Murderer’

What Is Impeachment?

Tropical Storm Imelda Claims Five In Texas

Another Good Reason Not To Use Your Phone On The Toilet

KFC Announces New Fried Chicken Sandwich Between Two Donuts, Internet Reacts Accordingly

The Ten Best Single-Player Video Games

Polish Man Arrested For Smuggling Tarantulas in Luggage

Top 7 Games That Still Don’t Have (Decent) Movies

Teenager’s Memory Resets Every Two Hours Due to Head Injury

Top 10 Levels In Classic Video Games

Cashier Admits to Using Photographic Memory to Steal Credit Card Numbers