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Today, May 24th, is National Title Track Day. Some of the greatest rock and roll songs of all-time are title tracks. Some of them you may be familiar with and know off the top of your head, while others aren’t as famous.

From The Beatles to Shinedown, AC/DC to Fleetwood Mac, it seems like almost every band has had title tracks turn into hits. However, not every title track can be dubbed one of the greatest ever.

To celebrate National Title Track Day, I made a list of the 29 Greatest Title Tracks of all-time. Here’s what I came up with:

  • #29 "Dust" from Tremonti

    This is arguably Mark’s best work. The guitar solo alone is enough to land this on a quality list and when you factor in the mood and power of the vocals it becomes a song that gets better with every listen.

  • #28 “Bad to the Bone” from George Thorogood

    George Thorogood once told me the “humor never goes out of style.” And this boisterous song of self-confidence only works through that lens

  • #27 “Edge of Thorns” from Savatage

    They have a few title-track songs worthy of celebration, but this one stands out a prominent stepping stone for the transition Paul O’Neill would eventually guide into the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

  • #26 “5150” from Van Halen:

    Van Halen occasionally used lines from songs as album titles like “Fair Warning” taken from the lyrics “Somebody said fair warning, lord strike that poor boy down.” From “Mean Streets” or “Better save the women and children first” from the song “Could this be magic?” but “5150” is the one true title track that any band would be lucky to achieve.

  • #25 “Roll the Bones” from Rush

    I’ve always like when a band takes a chance on a different style, so I’ll take my chances on this quirky piece from Rush…after all “Fate is just the weight of Circumstances” as a genius drummer once wrote.

  • #24 “It’s Only Rock & Roll” from The Rolling Stones


    You would think a band this iconic (and yes old) would have more title tracks than they actually do. And you don’t need a lot when one of them is the simple truth provided by “Its Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It).

  • #23 “Ten Thousand Fists” from Disturbed

    I adore the visualization this anthem provides. How cool must it look from the stage to see a mass of people all with their fists raised in the spirit of Rock & Roll.

  • #22 “Holy Diver” from Dio

    The title track here was largely ignored by the media when the album was released by years later it became the “go to” song from the record and a signature song for Ronnie.

  • #21 “The Sound of Madness” from Shinedown

    They are probably the most dominant band of the last 20 years, and in my opinion this album in total, and of course the title track is the bands finest offering. Even the production is flawless.

  • #20 “Icky Thump” from The White Stripes

    Jack White is one of those cats I’ll probably never get a chance to hang with, but I feel like a campfire style conversation would be amazing as we’re both passionate music historians that have (at least) one foot firmly planted in the realm of weirdness.

  • #19 “Blackbird” from Alter Bridge

    They have so much good material, but this is one you would select if you had to pick just one song to represent the entire band. Here of course it represents their 2007 album

  • #18 “Wish You Were Here” from Pink Floyd

    There is no song called “Dark Side of the Moon” those tracks are titled “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” therefore we go with another brilliant lyrical masterpiece.

  • #17 “Powerslave” from Iron Maiden

    Maiden have several songs that fit the bill including the lush, winding title track from their 1984 masterpiece album Powerslave. #BestMaidenGuitarSoloEver

  • #16 “American Idiot from Green Day

    Oh, how I wish this song wasn’t based in truth.

  • #15 “Nightmare” from Avenged Sevenfold

    Old school Avenged at its best. Filled with guitars, attitude, Halloween anthems and even a couple of hits! And the title track is the perfect introduction to it all.

  • #14 “Let it Be” from The Beatles

    How many title tracks can you name that are ballads? Only 2 (in the rock world) immediately come to mind for me. It’s a mighty bold choice.

  • #13 “Night Moves” from Bob Seger

    Bob is the single most relatable songwriter in my life. I swear it feel like every song was written about someone/something in my life.

  • #12 “Tusk” from Fleetwood Mac

    In truth I’m only a moderate Mac fan, but any song that employs an actual marching band has to be on the list. Talk about bold choices.

  • #11 “Seal the Deal (and Lets boogie) from Volbeat

    #BestTitleEver. Volbeat are amazing and I adore the vibe in general and the message in particular. Get your business done and done well, then set it aside and let loose.

  • #10 “Born to Run” from Bruce Springsteen

    Iconic songs, iconic album cover, iconic performer. This album is Bruce at his best and the title track is the perfect introduction to one of great recordings of all time.

  • #9 “Cowboys From Hell” from Pantera

    Perhaps no album in history announced a bigger change in musical direction/attitude and no song more clearly defined a band’s intentions.

  • #8 “Ace of Spades” from Motorhead

    The most direct, raw, no filler added 2 minutes and 48 seconds in rock.

  • #7 “Diary of a Madman” from Ozzy Osbourne

    The title track here wasn’t a big song, nor was it even released as a single. Yet all of us who bought the album felt like we were in the creepy attic depicted on the cover when the suspenseful Randy Rhoads guitar line started.

  • #6 “Hotel California” from The Eagles

    It is hard to argue with success, and success on this scale is not usually associated with songs that have spooky theme and unclear lyrics. I mean I know what the lyrics are but what the hell is a “steely knife”?

  • #5 “Surfing With the Alien” from Joe Satriani

    Imagine how difficult it is to get across an idea without lyrics! It is a problem Joe Satriani didn’t seem to have any difficulty solving when he wrote what sounds like the soundtrack to gliding through outer space with the Silver Surfer. Joe was also way ahead of the curve in his love for the Marvel Universe.

  • #4 “Master of Puppets” from Metallica

    Hands down the most powerful anti-drug song of them all. The idea of being a puppet, controlled not by a living being but rather a substance is horror at its finest.

  • #3 “School’s Out” from Alice Cooper

    Uncle Alice will forever be loved for capturing the most welcomed and celebrated annual day of every child’s young life.

  • #2 “Black Sabbath” from Black Sabbath

    This title track didn’t just introduce the album, it introduce the band and an entire new genre all at once. And it is one of the very few moments when a song/album and band all share the same name. In fact lets do the honorable mention thing two a couple of others that complete that trifecta “Iron Maiden” and “Bad Company”.

  • #1 “Back in Black” from AC/DC

    AC/DC have a number of cool title tracks like “Highway to Hell” and “Let There Be Rock” but we have to have the title track for the best-selling hard rock album of all-time at the top of the list.

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