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Tinder Will Soon Have A Panic Button For Dates Gone Wrong

Internet Raises $30,000 For Target Manager After Customer’s Complaint Goes Viral

Study Shows That Rich People Live Longer Than Poor People

The Giants Hire MLB’s First Female Full-Time Coach

Pornhub Is Getting Sued By A Deaf Man

‘Purple Haze’ in Arizona Sky Caused by Local Marijuana Farm

Ben And Jerry’s Is Releasing A ‘Netflix & Chill’d’ Ice Cream Flavor

Build-A-Bear Debuts A Baby Yoda Stuffed Animal

Regal Cinemas Switches From Coke To Pepsi, Causing A Twitter Uproar

Tom Brady Sends Heartfelt Message To Patriots Fans

Why You Shouldn’t Abbreviate 2020 On Documents

Two Carnival Cruise Ships Crash Into Each Other In Cozumel

Bad News: Puppies Are Making People Sick All Over the United States

House Of Representatives Votes To Impeach President Trump: What’s Next?

Check Out This Hack To Make Baby Yoda Cookies

Report: The Legal Age To Buy Cigarettes May Go From 18 To 21

Pepsi Launching Cola/Coffee Hybrid Pepsi Cafe

Krispy Kreme Has $1 Dozen Doughnuts For Today Only

Report: Netflix Could Lose 4 Million Subscribers

Jersey City Shootout: Six People Dead, Including Officer, Two Suspects

Frozen White Castle Sliders Recalled Over Possible Contamination

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Names ‘They’ The Word Of The Year

Real Estate Company Gives $10 Million In Bonuses: Watch The Employees Find Out

Ice Bucket Challenge Inspiration Pete Frates Dies

McDonald’s Launches Online Merch Shop

There Might Be A French Fry Shortage In The US

McDonalds Is Entering The Fried Chicken Sandwich Wars

And the Latest Mystery Oreo Flavor Is…

Lil BUB, Internet Famous Cat, Dies

Here’s a List Of Chain Restaurants That Will Be Open On Thanksgiving

Town Accidentally Advertises Photos with Satan (Not Santa) at Local Christmas Parade

‘Stars Wars’: Watch The Latest Footage – ‘They Fly Now?’

Cheese Nips Recall Leads To ‘Cheese Nips Vs. Cheez-it’ Twitter Debates

Hidden Valley Has Ranch-Filled Christmas Stockings

Santa Claus Goes Digital With Letters Online

Burger King Is Getting Sued By Vegans For Contamination

10 People Shot, 4 Dead, In Fresno, California

Motorola Is Relaunching Its Razr Flip Phone: Twitter Reacts

White Castle Has Created A ‘White Castle Turkey Stuffing’

Puppy Is Born With Extra Tail Coming Out Of His Forehead

Breaking News: School Shooting In Santa Clarita, California

UPDATE: Two Students Killed in California High School Shooting

Starbucks Is Offering ‘Buy One, Get One’ Drinks On Thursdays

Disney+: What It Has, What It Doesn’t And One Thing You Can’t Do

Former President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized

Popeyes Employee Caught Making Sandwiches On Trash Bin

Apple Card Under Fire Following Gender Bias Allegations

The Worst Skittles Color Has Been Determined

Bride and Groom Celebrate Their Wedding with Mr. and Mrs. Bongs