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Don Jamieson’s latest comedy album is No Sleep ‘Til McSorley’s. Once again, he’s modeled his latest album after a famous rock record. This time around it’s Motorhead‘s, No Sleep “til Hammersmith. He explains why he chose that pub, and how he got permission to use the famous album cover.

On the album, Don takes on many social and rock topics. It’s a skill that he has where he can meld both worlds without sounding preaching or like he’s taking sides. “Is there an underlying message to it? Of course there is” Don said. As far as who he takes shots at on the record, he said “Everybody gets it on the album”. He said he gets a lot off his chest.

We talked about how surreal it is that we have the good fortune of getting to know our childhood rock star heroes. Don flashed back to seeing the mighty Judas Priest as a kid, with the “Metal God” Rob Halford right in front of him. He said that he’ll never forget that feeling, but he’s never lost that fandom.

The record opens with Lemmy from Motorhead introducing it…..or is it him? He explains. You can order the album on vinyl here.

Don Jamieson On Meeting Lemmy From Motorhead

Don talks about meeting his idol, Lemmy, several times. He said he tread lightly around the rock icon until he had his first drink with him. That was the time when he knew that he’d taken a liking to him.

Has Don ever been star-struck? He had a couple of experiences that he talked about, but it wasn’t with anyone in the rock world. He also talked about a few classic musicians he’s had the chance to meet. One from the Monkees and one from Led Zeppelin.

Great to have my friend, Don Jamieson on Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown.

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