The latest Godzilla film, “Godzilla X Kong The New Empire, ” has been a massive success at the box office and has brought in much more love than your typical Godzilla movie. This latest film contains some simply spectacular Godzilla fights—visually, emotionally, and with a hint of “awe, yeah” aspects. Throughout the 70-year franchise’s history, the G-man has seen his fair share of epic battles. But have you ever wondered what the most spectacular Godzilla fights are?

Godzilla Fight
Warner Brothers Pictures
This is a shot of a post-Godzilla fight with King Kong during a scene from the latest Godzilla movie, Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire.

Dating back to 1954, Godzilla has always been a force of nature. The first film featured the origin story of our favorite radioactive lizard. It was an awesome piece of cinema that is still revered by Godzilla fans to this day. However, this film only featured “Gojira” (the Japanese word for Godzilla) attacking civilians and leveling the city of Tokyo. There were no monster fights until the sequel “Godzilla Raids Again” in 1955.

The First Godzilla Fights

In 1955, “Godzilla Raids Again” gave us our first monster or “Kaiju” fight in the franchise. Godzilla versus Anguirus. While the effects of 1955 were not comparable to today’s, it was a great cinematic fight! This movie revealed to Toho (the creator of Godzilla) that fans wanted to see Godzilla fight other giant monsters. A recipe that the franchise would thrive off of for almost 70 years, and they continue to excel at it today!

Godzilla Fights
(Photo by Screen Archives/Getty Images)
Godzilla monster attacking city bridge in the 1956 film version ‘Godzilla’. (Photo by Screen Archives/Getty Images)

It’s All About The Monster Fights

Every true Godzilla fan knows it’s all about the Kaiju fights. Which giant monster will try and stand in the G-man’s way this time? The bigger question is, how cool is Godzilla going to look kicking that monster’s ass? There are so many amazing Godzilla movies to watch!                                     

Over the years we have seen so many awe-inspiring fights in the franchise it’s hard to keep track. After all, Godzilla has fought so many incredible creatures. He is THAT strong. While Godzilla hasn’t won every fight, at least not always on the first try, he always comes out on top, eventually…

From King Ghidorah and Mothra to Scar King and King Kong. Godzilla has seen them all. Hell, we’ve seen Godzilla destroy humanity’s best attempt at killing him (Mechagodzilla) about half a dozen times. Here’s the best of the best. Let’s uncover the seven most badass Godzilla fights! Some may even surprise you!     

Nate (

  • Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla (1974)

    I’m giving this one the nod due to it being the classic introduction to a famous Godzilla foe: Mechagodzilla. This is the first film where Mechagodzilla appears, and fans don’t forget that. I think one of the best aspects of Mechagodzilla is that it’s one of the few times in any of the movies that the living Godzilla feels like an underdog. Even if he isn’t, it feels that way.

  • Godzilla Vs the Mutos (Godzilla 2014)

    This movie did such an amazing job of utilizing Godzilla’s screen time. Totaling right around 10 minutes of screen time for a 2-hour and three films. The G-man did not disappoint at all when he took center stage. The final fight sequence between Godzilla and the 2 Mutos is incredible. I think it’s especially great because it’s a two v 1. It’s not often that Godzilla is outmatched, but for much of the fight, he is dominating until both Mutos are tag-teaming him. Regardless, this fight is one of the most incredible in the franchise and an absolute must-watch!

  • Godzilla & Kong Vs Mechagodzilla (Godzilla vs Kong)

    After essentially killing King Kong, Godzilla is almost immediately tasked with a seemingly impossible challenge: fight the man-made Mechagodzilla. Now, the Legendary Universe’s version of Godzilla is supremely powerful and, at full strength, would mop the floor with Mechagodzilla. Unfortunately, King Kong puts up an incredibly draining fight that puts a tiring Godzilla up against a block of nanometal. This leads to one of the coolest team-ups in the entire franchise! Kong gets up (through some human intervention) and realizes that Godzilla is not the enemy. An amazing battle takes place that saves both King Kong and Godzilla from certain death. Also, it looks pretty badass, too.

  • Godzilla vs Biollante

    While not the most gruesome fights in the franchise and not the most visually spectacular. I think this is one of the most unique fights in the franchise! Biollante is a very interesting beast, and he is supposed to be a human-rose and Godzilla hybrid or “tribrid.” It’s creepy and unsettling to think that this beast was once a scientist’s living daughter who was killed in an authorized bombing of his lab. It’s one of the most emotionally gripping fights due to the backstory behind this creature, created from pain.

  • Godzilla vs Anguirus, Rodan and King Caesar (Godzilla Final Wars)

    I’m picking this one as a wildcard pick. It’s one of the few fights in the franchise that feels like a Power Rangers fight. You see, Godzilla dodge moves dramatically and catches falling opponents only to body slam them. It’s cheesy, and I love it. It’s one that I’m giving a ton of credit to for mixing the old and the new. The ’90s action movies are alive and well in this one!

  • Godzilla and Godzilla Jr. Vs Destroyah

     Hands down, it was the most emotional fight in all of Godzilla. Destroyah is a strong opponent, and Godzilla and Junior get a run for the money. You get a battle that ends in tragedy for several reasons. But most notably because this fight marked the end of the “Heisei ” Godzilla era. It’s truly a monumental moment in the Godzilla franchise.

  • Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (King of the Monsters 2019)

    I know the original fight between Godzilla and King Ghidorah gets a lot of love in 1991’s “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah,” but if you ask, this version is not much of a fight. At least for the showdown, Godzilla kicks Ghidorah’s ass. But in King of The Monsters, it’s an epic showdown. It’s one of the best all-time fight sequences in the franchise. In my opinion, in all of cinema. You truly feel the impact of these massive creatures dueling in the middle of Boston. Something not every movie captures all the time, it truly feels like two 400-foot-tall titans are at an epic final fight to the death. Also, watching Mothra make the ultimate sacrifice for Godzilla tugs at the heartstrings. It was truly an amazing scene!

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