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Delightful Christmas Movies Filmed in Michigan

If you're anything like me, then this time of year means watching a lot of Hallmark and Hallmark-like Christmas movies. There's just something about those feel-good films that sucks me in. Even if the plots are predicable, I feel safe watching these movies, and I know there will always be a happy ending. Did you know that a bunch of holiday movies have been filmed in Michigan. Here are a few Christmas movies filmed in Michigan to watch this holiday season. Christmas at the Holly Hotel This is a really new Christmas movie, as it arrived in 2022. Who hasn't heard of the famed Holly Hotel? This film tells the story of Kathy, who is a food critic in New York City. She's loving being in the Big Apple, until her parents ask her to come back home for Christmas. They own the Holly Hotel, so she becomes reacquainted with the special spot. Silver Bells Filming for Silver Bells took place in Ludington and Grand Rapids, so there's lots of Michigan cheer in this movie. The story revolves around a sportscaster who gets forced to perform community service during December as a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army. Does he find the true meaning of Christmas? Maybe. This film dropped in 2013. Small Town Santa Small Town Santa was filmed in Rockford and arrived in 2014. Its storyline revolves around a "home intrusion" mistake, where Sheriff Langstonl puts a man claiming to be Santa Claus in jail. But, is this man actually the real Santa? As residents' Christmas dreams start to come true, people wonder if this imprisoned Santa is the real deal. Want to watch these Christmas movies filmed in Michigan? Try searching for them on your streaming device, and depending on availability, many of these should be available to watch on Tubi, Hulu, Amazon Prime and all the usual spots. You might find a new holiday favorite here. Reach out to me with your favorite holiday movies and Christmas music here. [select-listicle listicle_id="1032971" syndication_name="stores-restaurants-open-on-christmas-day" description="no"]

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