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Mother’s Day is here, so let’s show some love to the women who raised us…television moms. No, no. Only a joke. However, TV moms do tend to play a large role in our lives. Growing up, they teach us life lessons while we get our entertainment. They’re there for us when our real non-TV moms (Moms) are busy or away. So, after you spend time with the Mothers in your real life, make sure to spend some quality time with your favorite TV moms. Don’t leave them out of Mother’s Day.

Favorite TV moms can come in all shapes, sizes, attitudes, generations, decades, and more. We all know there’s no one way to Mom. Sometimes, our favorite TV moms can remind us of our own mother. Now, that can be in good ways or bad ways. Florence Henderson, who famously played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch, once said that she played Carol as the mom she wished she had growing up, and that’s easy to see on screen. Then, there’s moms like Evelyn Harper on Two And A Half Men, who make you grateful for the mom you have, flaws and all. Or, you could have a favorite TV mom because she’s nothing like the mom you had growing up. That could be entertaining to watch. Something totally unfamiliar that’s almost shocking to you. Yes, there are real moms out there with problems like Monica from Shameless. There are even some mother-son relationships I’ve seen in real life that would make Norman and Norma Bates say, “that’s too much.”

When thinking about my favorite TV moms, the main trait I noticed they have in common is the ability to make me laugh. Some are sweet, some are evil. Some are good mothers, while others probably wish they weren’t mothers at all. However, they make me chuckle all the same. I thought long and hard, and here is my list of my five favorite TV moms of all-time. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • 5. Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

    Bet you didn’t see Mrs. Addams making the Top 5, did you? Well, here she is. Is she conventional? Far from it. Does she care for her children and family? You bet! She would do just about anything to protect her children, although that often includes measures that aren’t necessarily deemed “legal.” Odd as she may be, she does want the best for her children. It’s just her idea of “best” isn’t exactly the most common definition of the word. She cares about Wednesday and Pugsley, there’s no denying that. She encourages them both to be creative and unique individuals, just often to a fault, perhaps.

    It’s not all flowers and butterflies (if there are any, actually…), Morticia is straight up and blunt. There’s no need to sugarcoat anything with her, she’s going to give you the truth, and if you can’t handle it…then, that’s on you, I suppose. She’s not changing.

  • 4. Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

    Hey, just because she’s one of my favorite TV moms, doesn’t mean I’d want her as my mother, okay? Lucille isn’t afraid to admit when she has a problem with her children. Not at all, actually. In fact, if there was a problem, I think it may be the opposite. Did she ever tell any of her kids she loves them? Does she even love them? We clearly know how she feels about Gob. She’s manipulative. She’s constantly drunk, even at early hours in the morning. She’ll lie about anything, just to get a reaction. Despite all of that, she makes me laugh and that’s enough for her to make it on the list. RIP Jessica Walter.

  • 3. Claire Dunphy (Modern Family)

    Claire Dunphy is quite the character. She’s constantly stressed and a bit of a perfectionist, but in between the chaos, there’s no denying she’s a great mother. She knows exactly how to handle all three of her unique children, okay, four if you want to include Phil. I wouldn’t blame you. Phil gets all the attention and love as one of the greatest TV dads of all-time, and deservingly so. However, we can’t forget about Claire and all she puts up with.

    Claire is witty and enjoys having a good time. Yet, never really lets it get in the way of being a good parent. Is she a little overbearing? Yes, that’s a good way to put it. She’ll spy on her kids, she’s never afraid to play bad cop, and she’s not afraid to go to the extreme to help her children grow and better themselves. It can be tough love, but sometimes that’s the type of love we need from our Mother (especially when you have a Dad like Phil). Here’s to you, Claire Dunphy.

  • 2. Estelle Costanza (Seinfeld)

    As we make our way down the list, I’m realizing that my favorite moms aren’t the best moms. In fact, if they were my mom, I’d be going to a therapist on the regular. I’d lose my mind. Thankfully, they are not my mother, and they are just some moms that I enjoy watching on television and they make me laugh. Few mothers can do that like Estelle Costanza, mother to George Costanza in Seinfeld.

    She doesn’t even have to say anything funny, just the way she talks is enough. That voice is really something. As a mom to George, her only child, she’s constantly nagging, complaining, and not fond of giving George his space or privacy. However, a lot of that falls on George. If you’re going to choose to live at home with your parents to save some money, you might expect some negatives to come along with it. It is her house, afterall.

    Everything is always over the top with Estelle. Anything George does, you expect could end up actually killing her. Despite George’s flaws, she loves him like only a mother can and sees the best in him. Think about when George becomes a hand model. She claims to have always seen it coming. She supports her son and loves him, even when he doesn’t deserve it.

    It’s her craziness and that scream that makes me love her so much. It’s hard to talk about hilarious TV moms without mentioning Estelle Costanza. You can’t do it. You can’t! (that’s to be read in her voice, in case that wasn’t clear)

  • 1. Kitty Forman (That 70s Show)

    My favorite TV mom of all-time? Kitty Forman from That 70s Show. I suppose I should start with a note that Red Forman would also be my favorite TV dad. Safe to say I love That 70s Show, but they both are worthy of the top spots in their respective categories.

    She loves spending quality time with her family and two kids, Eric and Laurie. She always gives good advice to Eric and his group of friends. She loves making good meals and sharing them with her loved ones, and she has the most infectious laugh you’ve ever heard. How could one not love Kitty Forman?

    She wants the best for her children and works her butt off to make it happen for them. It’s not all work, though. Kitty loves throwing back some margs and de-stressing the old fashion way. She’s a hoot when she’s tipsy. Work hard play hard, they say.

    Kitty is just the quintessential TV mother. She loves holidays and traditions and getting her family to go along with them, whether begrudgingly or not. She’s kind, but won’t put up with anyone’s crap. Granted, she won’t threaten to put a boot up anyone’s ass, but she has her way to make her points clear. She’s got the best perspective on life, and is always able to turn a negative situation into a positive one…which you need when your partner is Red Forman.

    Kitty is without a doubt the greatest TV mom of all-time. She’s even a “Mom” to those who aren’t her children. Just look at how she treated Hyde when his mom ran off. Or Jackie when hers did the same. Or Donna when hers did the same, holy cow what is with the other moms on that show?

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