Steve Carell and cast of "The Office", winner Outstanding Comedy Series (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

It’s never been easier to see all of your favorite shows and movies. Millions upon millions of people binge watch 8 season long TV shows from the comfort of their home. Skilled binge watchers can accomplish such feats in one weekend alone! The power of the streaming world has inflicted a curse or provided a blessing depending on who you ask.


People who loved certain TV shows now have the ability to easily rewatch that same show dozens of times if they so choose. What’s fascinating about all of this is the world of options. Sometimes it’s the fact that there literally thousands of TV shows and movies to pick from, that you end up settling on watching a show you’ve seen 100 times over again.


So Many Options

While there are thousands of shows that people love to watch, not all shows are created equally when it comes to the rewatch. I find that the True Crime genre in general suffers tremendously in this category. There is a high demand for the True Crime genre, however after completing one series, nobody wants to watch it over again.

What those fans want is another groundbreaking documentary to sink their teeth into. In a world that is now dominated by streaming it may become an important aspect of future tv shows to consider how rewatchable their series is.

Best TV Shows to Rewatch

As everyone knows The Office is no longer a running tv series. Don’t tell that to the tens of millions of people who stream the TV show religiously. The Office is easily one of the most rewatched programs in history. So much so that NBC created it’s own streaming platform so they could buy the rights to the series back and make it an exclusive on Peacock.

Everyone complained that NBC did that, yet millions of people dropped Netflix and added Peacock so they could continue binging The Office. But what are the most rewatchable shows? Find out the top 5 shows that are always a great option for a rewatch below!

  • Avatar The Last Airbender (Animated Series)

    This Nickelodeon series is one of the most rewatchable shows because even though the show is not a sitcom it still has supreme rewatch ability. You don’t miss out on the feeling that you are along for the adventure that is the Avatar becoming strong enough to save the world.



  • The Office

    It’s a show that you can pick up at anytime, anywhere and still enjoy it. The numbers don’t lie either.



  • Friends

    Friends is a timeless classic that can always be picked up at a moment’s notice and be enjoyed. Perhaps it is because while everything is important, it feels like you never miss anything because you are always following the wacky tales of a group of Friends living in New York. Friends always has a very consistent overall feeling to the series.

  • New Girl

    New Girl is very similar in overall feeling to the Office. What makes it so rewatchable for me is that it has all the wacky hijinks you expect and never ceases to surprise you. On top of that the lack of a laugh track gives the show a certain “edge” to it.


  • House

    House is one of the few dramas that I feel like can always be rewatched. It’s another show that goes through an unbelievable journey with character development and emotional trauma.  Before you think this is a stupid pick, maybe try and watch it?

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