A nice play to play in Mexico

The 2nd port of call on this voyage found us in Cozumel, Mexico with a private ShipRocked party on the beach at Playa Mia. Drinks, food, sand, the ocean, palm trees and a live performance from Joyous Wolf is a hell of a way to kick off your day.

The action back on the ship started as the sun began to shrink in the west. Often my favorite moments are the unscheduled organic interactions with the musicians. for instance, I had met and interview Sameer Bhattacharya of Flyleaf and now a new band called Belle The Dragon. But our conversation on this occasion had little to do with music as it included Star Trek (primarily TNG), Battlestar Galactica, editing human DNA for genetic enhancement and just how impossible it sounds to restart the Martian atmosphere by super heating his sold core.

For the few of you still reading, I was now mentally refreshed and ready for another set from the ship’s all-star band The Stowaways. Tonight’s set list was mainly in remembrance of the many rock stars we had lost in recent years with the band playing songs from Rush, Tom Petty, STP, Alice In Chains, Pantera and old school Metallica.

Badflower was next for a 9:30 show that attracted the youngest of the passengers on the ship. It was a stark reminder of just how powerfully they connect with their audience and are becoming the soundtrack of the lives of the 30 and under crowd.

Although there were many other concerts to catch, I needed to catch up on my work, I had hundreds upon hundreds of photos to go through, interviews to edit and additional songs to listen to (my primary source of research) as tomorrow will be the busiest day of interviews and a “live” recording the Chop Shop from the ship.

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