Steve Black


Detroit Red Wings – I like the white sweater a bit more that the all red, but this is the best logo in hockey and the old-school two color scheme is perfection.

Boston Bruins – Black and gold, simple and bold. I LOVE the Bruins black jerseys.


Montreal Canadians – The C, H logo (Canadians, Habitants) is a brilliant way to celebrate the cities bi lingual heritage. Reportedly the H, originally stood for hockey but people started calling them the Habs as far back as 1924.


St. Louis Blues – Deep blue, bright yellow scream royalty and the music note logo is another I would list among the best in all of sports.


Chicago Blackhawks – The red jersey is amazing, and in recent years the black one as well, but the white one is a bit bland and pushes this one down a couple of spots.


Buffalo Sabers – There are very few logos that represent both the city and nickname, but the buffalo between crossed sabers pulls off the feat with class.


Philadelphia Flyers – The logo is basic but works and the black, orange and white looks great on the ice.


Toronto Maple Leafs – Old-school, two color and legendary. I have it a little lower at the moment as I liked the 80s era logo better.


Edmonton Oilers – I’m glad they went back to the Gretzky era uniforms. Orange, blue and white should equal gaudy yet these make me think of speed and finesse.


Washington Capitals – Red, white and blue, with American stars and a hockey stick for a “T”, what’s not to like?


Pittsburgh Penguins – The only city to have at least 3 major sports teams that all use the same color. The Steeler, Pirates and Penguins all look great in black and yellow.


Winnipeg Jets – The old Jet’s sweaters were great, no change was needed yet they changed them anyway. That almost always leads to disaster, but I like these unis just as much as the originals.


New York Rangers – A simple red, white and blue and NYR might have been the first to use different logos for their home and away jerseys with the shield logo for the road whites and rangers spelled out diagonally across the home blue shirts.


LA Kings – I like the Gretzky era jerseys better.


San Jose Sharks – like the shark logo, but don’t love the team color combo.


Arizona Coyotes – The big coyote head is cool, aging I don’t love the colors all that much.


New Jersey Devils – With a name like The Devils I think you would want something more sinister logo wise than a “J” with horns on it.


New York Islanders – classic colors, especially the blues jerseys, logo is boring….but way better than the old Gordon Fisherman logo.


Colorado Avalanche – Solid, but the old Quebec Nordiques jerseys were amazing…rumor is they may use them as a throwback jersey next season.


Las Vegas Golden Knights – Love the logo, hate the colors.


Ottawa Senators – What’s up with the cartoon roman senator?


Tampa Bay Lightning – Usually simple is best, but you could do so much more with a name like Lightning.


Minnesota Wild – these uniforms are wild alright…and not in a good way


Carolina Hurricanes – Another good logo, but how many red tears does one league need?


Calgary Flames – I do like that they kept the basic logo idea from their days in Atlanta, and red and orange are the colors of a flame, yet I still find it unexciting.


Vancouver Canucks – A whale in the shape of a “C”? – nope.


Columbus Blue Jackets – Too much going on.


Florida Panthers – the panther shield is an improvement but the red and yellow and white loses me.


Anaheim Ducks – Terrible.


Nashville Predators – Worst logo and color scheme ever! – Baby poop yellow and silver? AYFKM?





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