Many among us in time killing mode have been doing the 30 Day Song Challenge. However, I tend to live life a little left of center and to be frank, I didn’t find the standard version all that challenging.

SO – I give you my all Alice Cooper, 1 Day – 30 Song challenge:

Alice Cooper – “Desperado”

Featured on the Alice Cooper band’s 1971 album, ‘Killer,’ “Desperado” is a tribute to Jim Morrison, who was a friend of Cooper’s. Morrison had passed away shortly before the recording sessions for ‘Killer’ began.

(by the way if you feel like doing one form your favorite artist bring it on or pick another artist for me and I’ll do my best to work it out)

Day 1 – Color in the Title: “The Black Widow”

Day 2 – Number in the Title: “I’m Eighteen”

Day 3 – Summertime: “School’s Out”

Day 4 – Someone You’d Rather Forget:  “Hey Stoopid”

Day 5 – Played Loud: “Wish You Were Here”

Day 6 – Makes You Want to Dance: “You Gotta Dance”

Day 7 – Driving: “Generation Landslide”

Day 8 – Drugs or Alcohol: “Aspirin Damage”

Day 9 – Happy: “Elected”

Day 10 – Sad: “Only Women Bleed”

Day 11: Never Tired of: “Some Folks”

Day 12 – Pre-teen Years: “Under My Wheels”

Day 13 – From the 70s: “Billion Dollar Babies”

Day 14 – At Your Wedding: “You and Me”

Day 15 – Cover Song: “Clones (we’re All)”

Day 16 – Classic Favorite: “Desperado”

Day 17 – Karaoke Duet: “Be My Lover”

Day 18 – Year You Were Born: (Does not apply)

Day 19 – Think About Life: “Wake Me Gently”

Day 20 – Meaning to You: “I Never Cry”

Day 21 – Person’s Name: “Mary Ann”

Day 22 – Moves You Forward: “Hello Hooray”

Day 23 – Everyone Should Listen To: “Didn’t We Meet”

Day 24 – Band You wish were together: (Does not apply)

Day 25 – Artist No Longer Living: “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

Day 26 – Want to Fall in Love: “How You Gonna See Me Now”

Day 27 – Breaks Your Heart: “Pain”

Day 28 – Voice You Love: (I choose Alice for a reason)

Day 29 – Connected to Childhood: “Lace and Whisky”

Day 30 – Reminds You of Yourself: “Model Citizen”

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