Steve Black

Steve Black

Steve Black has been rockin’ the Detroit radio waves for over 3 decades. He’s done some stuff, seen some things and here are a few things you may not know about him!

  • I've Won A Radio Contest!

    Across my many, many years on the radio I have been part of giving away cars, motorcycles, jet skis, tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of concert tickets and even a pub in Ireland! But have I ever won anything over the radio? Indeed, I did as a young teen when I was caller 5 (I think?) and won Judas Priest tickets from WWCK (105.5 Flint’s best rock). It also came with a vinyl copy of their new album at the time Screaming For Vengeance.
    Judas Priest Album Cover

  • Trust Me With Your Money!

    For some reason my classmates elected me as the class treasure. Why not? I think you should always trust the guy in the sleeveless Ozzy T-shirt.

    Steve Black

  • Travelin’ Man:

    Instead of going to collage after high school, I decided to backpack through Europe for most of 1987. My passion for seeing other countries and experiencing other cultures has stayed with me throughout my life and this year (in January) I will be visiting my 20th country.

    So far I’ve spent time in England, France, Switzerland, Yugoslavia (now 5 separate countries), Italy, Austria, West Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, The Bahamas, Grand Turk (U.K.), and now The Dominican Republic.

    Steve and his wife Gina Steve and Luisa, 1987

  • Published Author:

    I wish the whole world knew that I have already published 2 books, From Black to Light (2013) and the Sci-Fi thriller The Last Child (2021). The world may not know but now you do.

    From Light To Black Book Cover The Last Child Book Cover

  • Former musician:

    It seems like a lifetime ago but I did sing and dabble on guitar and keyboards in my 20s and 30s. My old band Surreal played all the old Detroit halls and bars. In total I had 3 releases. 2 with Surreal, Earth Passages of the Illuminated (year) and Simple Dreams. I also managed a solo album in 1999 called 26 O’clock.

    Earth Passages Cover Simple Dreams Cover

  • Amateur Photographer:

    At my essence I guess I’m an artist/storyteller. All of my endeavors from drawing, writing, creating music and even the production work I do in video and the many radio shows I’ve created are all art forms and ways to express, share and experience thoughts, ideas and emotions. For me photography is no different. I just look into nature’s beauty and wait for the perfect moment to capture a piece of time.

    Blue Rail Leaf at the Lake

  • I have an actual Concert Resume:

    My favorite rock & roll personality, Pierre Robert at WMMR in Philadelphia calls the list of shows you’ve been to your “concert resume.” I always loved that idea and have borrowed his phrase out of respect and admiration. But after a couple of years of talking about mine I sorted through my several hundred ticket stubs, and added in some online research for the couple of hundred shows I was on a guest list or was working and didn’t actually have a ticket (like all those shows at The Ritz and Harpo’s).  In the end I did assemble a pretty solid Excel sheet that shows my totals to be: 1,050 Shows – 397 Bands – 102 Venues – 43 Cities – 6 Countries.

    Concert Resume

  • Digital pioneer:

    In the early days of the internet I had some friends who were digging into the new frontier and asked me if I wanted to have my own web-page. Yes, that is what they were called at the time as it took a lot to load a single page (or 2) so web(sites) would have to wait. I said yes of course and in reference to Frank Zappa we created The Black Page. I became the first DJ in Detroit to have a web-presence and in fact when I talked about my “black page” on the air, it was a total novelty as none of the rock stations in town even had webpages yet. A couple of years later I also hosted Detroit’s first webcast! My friend Steve Vai was playing a gig at the old State Theater and decided to webcast the audio of it (today it would be called a livestream and would absolutely include video). I did the pre-show interview with Steve backstage and the live introduction on stage (oh, and I may have joined him on stage to sing a song as well).


  • Ever heard of the Marx Brothers?

    They were my comedy idols when I was growing up and I still never stray too far away form Groucho’s wit or Chico’s puns. I also think it’s amazing that someone who died before I was born (Harpo) and never spoke a word on film, became a primary influence on me, a guy who must talk for a living.

    Marx Brothers

  • CPR saves lives!

    In light of the Damar Hamlin (Buffalo Bills) incident, we should all keep in mind that some simple training can make all the difference in the world. I took the basic first aid training when I was a teenager and have on two occasions had to step in to save a life. Once for a stranger and once for a family member.

    First Aid Logo

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