To make the fun 30 Day Song Challenge more of a challenge, I’m doing a few, all in one lump sum and entirely comprised of one artist. Peter Salvato from Shelby Township requested that I assemble an all Rush version….so away we go (Exit stage left even):

Day 1 – Color in the Title: “Red Tide”

Day 2 – Number in the Title: “2112”

Day 3 – Summertime: “The Analog Kid”

Day 4 – Someone You’d Rather Forget:  “The Enemy Within”

Day 5 – Played Loud: “YYZ”

Day 6 – Makes You Want to Dance: “In The Mood”

Day 7 – Driving: “Red Barchetta”

Day 8 – Drugs or Alcohol: “Resist”

Day 9 – Happy: “Roll the Bones”

Day 10 – Sad: “Nobody’s Hero”

Day 11: Never Tired of: “The Spirit of Radio”

Day 12 – Pre-teen Years: DNA – (didn’t discover Rush until I was 14)

Day 13 – From the 70s: “Fly By Night”

Day 14 – At Your Wedding: “Closer to the Heart”

Day 15 – Cover Song: “Heart Full of Soul”

Day 16 – Classic Favorite: “Working Man”

Day 17 – Karaoke Duet: “Time Stand Still”

Day 18 – Year You Were Born: (Does not apply)

Day 19 – Think About Life: “Available Light”

Day 20 – Meaning to You: “Freewill”

Day 21 – Person’s Name: “Tom Sawyer”

Day 22 – Moves You Forward: “Force Ten”

Day 23 – Everyone Should Listen To: “Subdivisions”

Day 24 – Band You wish were together: (Does not apply)

Day 25 – Artist No Longer Living: “Mystic Rhythms” (RIP Neil Pert)

Day 26 – Want to Fall in Love: “Ghost of a Chance”

Day 27 – Breaks Your Heart: “Tears”

Day 28 – Voice You Love: (I don’t love Geddy’s voice but it is perfect for Rush)

Day 29 – Connected to Childhood: “Jacob’s Ladder”

Day 30 – Reminds You of Yourself: “Presto”


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