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Tool’s April Fools’ Day Tweet: Best Fan Reactions

Tool has long taken part in April Fools’ Day, but this latest prank is extra cruel...or brilliant. Honestly, it’s a little bit of both.

The band, who are currently working on the long-awaiting follow-up album to 2006’s 10,000 Days,  took to Twitter to share a YouTube clip titled “Sounds of Night Crickets” knowing full well that some fans would think it could be a new song. WRONG!

TOOL effing TOOL on Twitter

Sounds of Night Crickets

Sounds of Night Crickets

Tool fans, however, took the tweet in stride and responded in kind with a number of one-liners that could only come from a fanbase that has been waiting so long for a new album. Here are some of the best reactions.

Mako on Twitter

@Tool Reminds me of the end of Undertow

Meghan C-Hughes on Twitter

@Tool Clicking on this link knowing full well you're about to get trolled while still hoping it's a double troll and actually an announcement or w/e #BeingAToolFan

????marfa russ???? on Twitter

@Tool I can't wait for the next single: White Noise...

MysticTimTheNatural on Twitter

@Tool Like a dip shit I woke up saw the post and was so stoked! Clicked the link and bam! April Tools! Damn it.

ernesto gar on Twitter

@Tool I'm laughing and crying

Kevin G on Twitter


Mike Shinoda on Twitter

@Tool the block button is looking real juicy today ????

Jeff Lucero on Twitter


C.T. on Twitter

@Tool I see you've opted for a shorter song intro for the new album?

Curt Triplett on Twitter

@Tool Crickets chirping in 9/8 time. Why not, I'll spiral out to it.

Jeff Wilcox on Twitter

@Tool Help I'm in an abusive relationship with TOOL

Farticus on Twitter

@Tool Jokes on you, we've been listening to crickets chirping for the last 13 years.

VeHeMeNcE on Twitter


Matt Savener on Twitter

@Tool Crickets -> Parabola


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