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Comedians Anna Salinas & Heather Alarcón Higginbotham have posted a parody video of ‘A Star Is Born’ except they changed ‘Born’ to ‘Korn.’ We think you know where this is going.

Watch the video below! The parody lines up with the original pretty perfectly but the added Korn songs & portrayal of frontman Jonathan Davis make it hysterical. We wouldn’t be made if this became a full length film!


John Baxter Comedy Presents: A Star Is Korn Starring & Written By: Anna Salinas & Heather Alarcón Higginbotham DP: Colin Pierce Sound: Edgar Momplaisir Editor: Heather Alarcón Higginbotham Also Starring: Edgar Momplaisir, Lee Barats, Carlos Orlando, Bob Salzano, Jordan Todd Brown, Katie Thoma, Ryan Gillis Special thanks: The Clubhouse, Melbourne House, Korn, & Bradley Cooper, but not Lady Gaga b/c she's not in this