Jade Springart

Jade Springart

Jade Springart

(Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images)

We’re pretty big fans of our four-legged furry friends here at WRIF and in no relation at all whatsoever, we’re also big fans of the 90s sitcom, ‘Seinfeld.’ Honestly, who isn’t a fan of both? In honor of Festivus coming soon (December 23rd), we thought it would be fun to compare our pets to the many characters of ‘Seinfeld.’ Don’t forget to enter your pet in our Furry Festivus contest to win a Metro Park 2023 pass and a $250 gift card to Premiere Pet Supply!

The Furry Festivus: Share Photos Of Your Pets!

  • Miss Karl as "Crazy" Joe Davola

    Miss Karl is Jade’s kooky and crazy cat and not just crazy in the way that cats can be silly. She’s very particular about almost everything and most recently had a full blown mental breakdown over the vacuum. She embodies everything that is “Crazy” Joe Davola.

  • Abby as Kramer

    Meltdown has brought Abby into the station a few times and to say she gets excited… is an understatement. She’s a very good girl and just wants your attention! According to Meltdown, when she comes in from running around out back for a treat she comes in like Kramer enters Jerry’s apartment then proceeds to jump from floor to couch and back around before making her way to the treat.

  • Chester Puffington as David Puddy

    As Aimee puts it, Chester always has “that look” on his face and if you know anything about David Puddy, you know EXACTLY what that means!

  • Jameson as the Soup Nazi

    Dave has explained Jameson as being a bit aggressive and ready to take on anyone or thing despite their size and his. We all know the Soup Nazi was a no-nonsense kinda guy and that seems to fit Jameson pretty well.

  • Harold as George Costanza

    This photo of Harold is George during his photoshoot with Kramer.

    Harold the Dog

  • Bittie Jean Green as Elaine Benes

    Bittie Jean is smart, sassy, and will really tell you how it is. She won’t put up with anyone’s attitude, but is fun and adorable at the same time!

  • Hershey as Newman

    Hershey like Newman is what some may call lazy. Newman has no urgency in delivering the mail but will jump at the chance to get some chicken from Kenny Rogers Roasters. Just like Hershey will jump at the opportunity to eat an entire pizza in .04 seconds.

  • Douglas as Kenny Bania

    Kenny Bania puts a positive spin on almost anything to a somewhat annoying level (although we are NOT calling Douglas annoying) and desperately wants Jerry’s approval. Douglas is a good boy who just wants to be loved by everyone which is why we gave him Kenny Bania.

  • Annie as Estelle Costanza

    As Al put it, Annie has curly hair, she can be annoying and she fusses over him like Estelle does George.

  • Farley as Frank Costanza

    Farley is stubborn, and honestly when he’s around we’re all usually yelling “SERENITY NOW!”


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