Riff TV Presents: New Music Breakdown

Read more about Danzig's directorial debut Verotika HERE. Listen to the previously unreleased Green Day songs HERE. Get more details about the upcoming Offspring album HERE. Watch the trailer for the parody 'A Star is Korn' HERE.

Interview with Brain "Head" Welch of KoRn

It’s billed as The remarkable true story of Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch and the little girl that saved his life. The new film Loud Krazy Love is an emotional journey of what life on the road can inflict not only on musicians but their families and loved ones. I sat down with “Head” on board…

Riff TV Presents: New Music Breakdown

Check out details on the Queens Of The Stone Age holiday single HERE. Watch the trailer for 'LOUD KRAZY LOVE' HERE. See what Vince Neil said about 'The Dirt' HERE. Read more about Panic! At The Disco performing metal songs HERE.

Riff TV Presents: New Music Breakdown

Listen to Jonathan Davis' new track "Basic Needs" HERE. Watch Elle King's performance on The Late Show & new music video HERE. Listen to the new track "No Erasin'" from Steve Perry HERE. Stream Death Cab For Cutie's new album HERE.

Korn News Round Up

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has announced the song "Basic Needs" will be the next single of his recent solo album, Black Labyrinth! Stream the track below!

May 5

WRIF Presents: Jonathan Davis at the Majestic Theatre

7:00 pm, The Majestic Theatre

WRIF Presents: Jonathan Davis of Korn WRIF welcomes Jonathan Davis of Korn for a solo performance at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit. Come hang out with the Riff Crew and enjoy great music from Jonathan's solo project with special guest No Resolve. Music heightens the senses, conjures catharsis, and unlocks other levels of consciousness. Just…

"Mind Over Matter" - Overcoming Obstacles

"Mind Over Matter" is a documentary that follows the story of Brandon Mendenhall who was born with cerebral palsy. The condition can affect individuals in a multitude of ways and can limit their lives in terms of what they can and can not do. Mendenhall had difficulty controlling his hand motions, but he never let…

6 Awesome Covers From Korn

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis celebrates his 47th birthday today (January 18.)  The nu-metal giants have released 12 studio albums spanning over two decades, but they also might be responsible for some of the best (and most underrated) covers in rock.

Korn/Stone Sour at DTE! (Tons of Photos!)

Well, I don't know about you guys but I had an AWESOME time at last night's show. I got to meet some amazing people and musicians last night at DTE as Korn, Stone Sour, DED, Skillet and Yelawolf rocked the friggin house. I couldn't have really asked for a better time. All the listeners I…