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Anyone who’s been to a Lions game, knows we have a pretty great fight song! Some may beg to differ, but we know the crowd goes nuts when we hear that first line, “Forward down the field….” because it means we’ve scored a TOUCHDOWN!

Unfortunately, that’s the only time we get to hear the song, and let’s be honest, there were quite a few years where we didn’t hear it often. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know all the lyrics to our fight song, but now we can learn! Theo ‘Gridiron’ Spight put out a lyric video which you can check out below. Study up, because I have a feeling we’ll be singing this quite a bit next season!


Best Reactions to Exciting Detroit Lions Ben Johnson News

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is returning, even though he was being courted by several pro teams. He wants to stay because he feels the Lions are building something special, and he wants to be a part of it. Love it!

Players and fans are tweeting out their excitement about Johnson coming back. Check it out below!

  • Twitter reaction

    Long snapper Scott Daly kept it simple. He tweeted out some fire emojis with the news.

  • Twitter reaction

    Left tackle Taylor Decker is totally shocked. Maybe he shouldn’t be so shocked lol! I mean, the Lions rock, Decker!

  • Twitter reaction

    Love this! How it started, how it’s going, from Pride of Detroit managing editor Erik Schlitt.

  • Twitter reaction

    It’s the tweet that broke the news. He didn’t even go to this scheduled NFL interviews!

  • Twitter reaction

    Love this one from Barstool Detroit! It’s very true. He’s staying in Detroit to help “build something special.”