LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 04: Ai-Da Robot, an ultra-realistic humanoid robot artist, paints during a press call at The British Library on April 4, 2022 in London, England. Ai-Da will open her solo exhibition LEAPING INTO THE METAVERSE at the Venice Biennale this year curated by Aidan Meller. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

I wish I was joking. I’ve said it before, artificial intelligence scares me. Robots scare me. It really feels like it’s only a matter of time before AI takes over and turns on us, but I digress. Developments in AI have become so realistic that people online are either unable to tell the difference between a bot or they just don’t care.

Meet Claudia. An AI bot that is soliciting people on Reddit to message her for private, exotic photos. If this becomes a thing, what happens to all the people on OnlyFans?! The truth is, if you follow the Reddit thread, you’ll discover that a lot of people feel as though they were “catfished” by Claudia. When you look at the photo, it’s easy to see why people were fooled, but doesn’t that prove that AI is going too far?


Long story short, go outside. Meet people in real life. Smell the roses, and most importantly, be diligent in your online perusing! It’s only a matter of time before the bots begin scamming us for money that they won’t need because, you know, they’re robots and they don’t need food or money for rent.


Facts You May or May NOT Know About "Dave and Chuck the Freak"

If you listen to Dave and Chuck the Freak regularly you know that the show talks a lot about their personal lives. Here is a run down of some things about the show you may or may not have known!

  • Dave is a big Kenny Rogers fan!

    He’s actually been able to meet him and sing with him live on the air!

    Hear him sing and interview the legend below!


  • Chuck the Freak dresses in full costume at Renassiance Festivals!

    Here he is in full garb! Think he’s rocking any underwear beneath that kilt?

    Chuck RenFest Cospaly

  • Lisa Way's dog Douglas has his own Instagram account!

  • Andy has a cat named "Bitty Jean Green!"


  • James is obsessed with John Cena!

    He actually got to share a moment with John Cena at a Suicide Squad movie premiere!

  • Jason once was aspiring to be a white Jewish rapper!

    Can you see the resemblance?

  • Al Beck Loves ‘M*A*S*H*!

    It is well documented on the show that Al Beck is a big fan of the classic 70’s sit-com M*A*S*H, but he, like, really loves that show. He’s been a fan since his childhood and LOVES when you try to challenge his trivia knowledge of the show!

    Al Beck Loves Mash


  • Dave is deathly afraid of clowns!

    Has been since seeing Poltergeist at a very young age. Chuck and the rest of the show used it against him in an epic prank one morning. (Not sure why the preview image loads like that but push play…it should work)

  • Chuck the Freak coaches a boys travel baseball team!

    Coach Chuck

  • Lisa Way used to work in a small independent record store part time!

    Deftones performed there for about 300 people…She had no idea how cool it was at the time since they were such a new band.

  • Andy is a huge nerd that is into comic books and a movie fanatic!

    He’s really into the Marvel franchises and will watch Goodfellas anytime it’s on even if it’s censored.

    Andy Boba Fett

  • James is a self proclaimed Manthong Enthusiast!

    Yes…unfortunately to everyone on the show it means exactly what you think! It all started during a challenge on air when Dave made him go into stores and see if they would kick him out!

    Watch what happened during the challenge! (You may need to sign in cause of all the hot man ass)


  • Jason plays pick up basketball regularly and lives by "No blood, no foul!"

    Here he is sinking a 3 pointer! NOTHING BUT NET BABY!!

  • Al Beck is a Big Star Trek Fan!

    Al Beck is a big nerd and one of his favorite nerdy things is Star Trek. To-date, Al can say that he has seen every episode of every Star Trek series – From the amazing episodes of the original series and The Next Generation, to the sometimes hard-to-watch animated series and Discovery.

    Al Beck Loves Star Trek

    Al with his brother at the Star Trek: Las Vegas convention summer of 2019.

    He even had a chance to meet Captain James T. Kirk himself, Mr. William Shatner, in person and had an opportunity to chat with the Captain.

  • Dave loves a gadget!

    He buys tons of them to try to make life easier like onion goggles and electric socks…but he has had a few mishaps. Remember that auto brush toothbrush!?

  • Chuck the Freak is also a metal detector enthusiast!

    When he isn’t coaching baseball, collecting ants, or feeding his fish you can find him combing for treasure! How does this guy keep the ladies away!?

    Metal Detector

  • Lisa Way has practiced Pilates 3-4 times a week for 10 years and counting!

    She has obsessed over perfecting something called the “walkover” (not Lisa in the video, but almost as good as her)

  • Andy just started jogging and recently hit a pretty big milestone!

    As a fat guy, jogging is new to me and I recently was able to run 3 miles in 40 minutes which is a pretty big milestone, since I used to puke after any sort of running attempt.



  • Dave was originally born in Ireland!

    He immigrated here at a very young age…not sure if this photo had anything to do with it though!

  • Andy loves video games!

    You can find him currently playing playing Demons Souls on PlayStation 5.

    Andy wearing gamer headphones

  • Chuck the Freak has an office that he never goes into!

    It sits down the hall like a little museum of nerdom that no one ever goes in.  Here is a peak inside below.

    Chucks office

  • Dave has a nut allergy!

    Dave was allergic to nuts for most his life. He recently underwent some treatments to eliminate that allergy.  He’s still allergic to peanuts, but he had his first nut on the air!

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