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There’s a Clear Video of a Couple Illegally Having Sex in Public but Two Police Officers Re-Enact It Anyway

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Exercises That Make You A Better Lay

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Even George Lucas couldn’t resist Baby Yoda

Roaches Crawling on Coffee Pots at a Convenience Store


Calculator That Tells You How Long It Takes Athletes to Earn Your Salary

Does Sleeping Naked Lead to Having More Sex?

Guy Gets a Free Taco but Pulls a Knife Because He Didn’t Like the One They Gave Him

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Dude Wakes Up To Discover Chastity Device On His Wang

Did a Dude from the Future steal from Walmart?

A Building Collapses Just as a Fire Truck Drives By


House Cat Fights Off Three Coyotes


A Hotel Toilet That’s Too Big for the Bathroom


A Little Boy Interrupts His Mom’s Video by Farting at the Camera


The Cheesecake Factory Is Releasing a Line of Ice Cream

Man Almost Loses Wang After Having It In Pipe For Five Days

A Glimpse at Japan’s Nintendo Theme Park


The Symphony of Senior Destruction Strikes again!


A Yoga Instructor Beat Up Someone for Using Their Phone in a Movie Theater

A Cop’s 3D Camera Films Him Getting Hit By a Train, but He’s Okay

A BASE Jumper Is Rescued by an Older Lady

Two GM Engineers Busted for Street Racing New Unreleased Corvettes

Jelly Belly Is Releasing a New Line of Flavored Sparkling Waters

Would You Want to Try Adult Cream Pie?!?

A Guy Called 911 on Himself After He Broke into a Tire Store and the Tires Fought Back

Drunk Driver’s Ed Teacher Arrested for Hitting the School Principal

A State Rep. Introduces His “Smokin’ Hot Wife” to the Legislature

A Carnival Ride Malfunctions, But Everyone’s Okay


UFC Wants Woman That Was Fired For Taking Down Thief


“World’s Hottest Grandma” Is Now Helping Aussie Fire Relief

Glitch With Doorbell Cam Makes It Look Like Man Is Abducted By Aliens


A Barstool Is Pulled Away at the Wrong Moment


A Guy Catches an Axe Flying Right at Him


A Female Competitive Eater Downs 10 Pounds of Spaghetti in 12 Minutes


Bulldog Interrupts His Human’s Workout


Grandma nails drum cover of Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness”