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A New Type of Dating Event Has People Present PowerPoints About Why You Should Go Out With Their Friend

A Sex Tip Called “Spell Coconut” Is Going Viral

Man breaks into home, cuts wife’s lover’s penis off and flees with detached sex organ

Smuggler gets busted hiding drugs under his ridiculous toupee!

A Family Is Trying to Find the Topless Woman Who Photobombed Them

Someone on an Airplane Using the Video Touch Screen With Their Feet


A Panhandler Declines a Job Offer, So the Guy Shows Up with His Own Sign to Let People Know

Heartwarming Clips of Dogs Being Reunited With Their Families


Man in trouble for riding his scooter FULLY NUDE in heatwave

Man Busted For Fighting After Wife Gets On Stage At Strip Club

A Woman Survives Being Hit by a Chainsaw and Falling Off a Ladder


A Man Saves a Woman From Jumping Off a Bridge


A Guy Approaches Some Bear Cubs, and Is Almost Mauled by Their Mother


A Guy Is Facing DUI Charges After Swearing He Was From the Future

Hunt Is On For Michigan Pool Pooper!

A Woman Boards a Luggage Conveyor Belt Thinking It’s the Way to the Plane

The Future: Soldiers on Flyboards?


A Man Running for His Life From a Landslide

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A Stunt Driver Crashes Into a Stack of Cars

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A Woman Thought a Guy Was Hitting on Her but He Really Just Thought She Looked Like Buzz Lightyear

Don’t Stand on a Barrel Filled with Exploding Fireworks


Is This the Real Jaws?


Parks in Philadelphia Are Installing High-Pitched Noise Machines to Keep Teenagers Away

Jason Momoa Is Being Criticized for Having a ‘Dad Bod’

A man with a mullet and face tattoos wanted for swiping sex toys!

Short Guy Goes on a Rant at a Bagel Shop About Women Not Dating Him and Gets Tackled by a Tall Guy


Woman requests a Disney themed birthday cake…gets a marijuana cake instead!

Elephant slaps tourist trying to take its photo right in the face


T-Rex Race at a Horse Racetrack


Suspect Hiding From Cops Farts So Loudly It Gives Up His Hiding Spot

Car Bursts into Flames in Gender Reveal Gone Wrong!


Grandma Mistakes a Sex Toy for Thermal Socks


Ohio Strip Club Offers Up Furniture Free To A Good Home

A Spectacularly Obese Monkey Named “Uncle Fatty” Has Escaped From Fat Camp