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Watch a Pigeon in Hot Pursuit of a Man Running Down a Street

We wouldn't go as far as to say this video is reminiscent of a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 film 'The Birds' but being chased down the street by a pigeon would definitely freak you out. This would be something straight out of a nightmare for Dave. A woman in the U.K. filmed her boyfriend running away from a pigeon that is chasing him up and down the street. It isn't clear what started the chase but the pigeon wanted to finish it. She can be heard laughing hysterically as her boyfriend flees in terror. There are other people around so maybe it was the guy's red shirt, or he had some food in his hand that the bird was interested in. Either way, the pigeon had him in it's sights. A pigeon certainly isn't the scariest bird to be chased by. Just last week we talked about a guy in Medfield, Massachusetts who was attacked by an owl while out walking his dog. And,  there are countless other examples of when birds attack. Whether it be hawks, owls, pigeons, seagulls, etc. So we can't blame the guy for running away! No one wants a talon in the head! We can all agree on that, right? Andy has told the story before of the seagull that was stole his onion rings while eating outside on a restaurant's patio. And, Jason had an experience with some birds once while pulled over in a parking lot feed to his son. He and his wife were on their way back from a camping trip and about 15 birds were eventually surrounding their car. This is after they ran away when the birds starting swooping down on them. It wasn't one of Jason's proudest moments as a father/husband because he embarrassingly made it to the car first to save himself.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsjEaoUa2zQ  

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