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Pandemic people watching at it’s best!

Hurricane Sally Brings a 12-Foot Gator Into Someone’s Yard

Cops Handcuff a Florida Man Who Was Already Locked in a Steel Bondage Collar

Old man mistakes slushie machine for hand sanitizer at gas station

You Won’t Believe How This Guy Handles a Crocodile Named ‘Bonecruncher’

Video Of Woman Twerking On Coffin Goes Viral

A Guy Tries to Jump His Car Over a Drawbridge While It’s Opening And Makes It

A woman attacked and robbed during parking space dispute

Woman Knocked Off Bench by a Garbage Truck

Did a “Harry Potter” Castle Appear in the Clouds in the Sky Above China?

What insane thing did a guy find on the beach?!?

And Here Come the Sexy “Tiger King” Halloween Costumes

You Can Pay a Woman $37 to Give Honest Feedback on Your Junk

Brilliant Father Invents Candy Chute For Socially Distant Halloween!

Malaysian Man Discovers Phone Thief was Monkey!

Sex Doll Funerals Are Now a Thing?!?

The New Workout Trend Is Skin-Colored Gear to Make You Look Naked

A Mountain Dew Margarita Is Coming to Red Lobster

A Female Sumo Champ Breaks into a House to Get Her Cat Back

A Student Was Late for Class Because She Was Walking Her Chicken

Video of the Nisswa, Minnesota Mayor Getting Arrested

Junk Food Round Up! Taco Bell Wine, new Reese’s and Pepsi inventions

A Woman Farts in Front of Her Flexibility Coach

Woman’s Spine “Collapses” Due To Her HUGE Boobs!

Chick Fight In A Dollar General

Football-Scented Candles that smell of “Nachos” and “Jockstrap” on sale

A Guy Being Interviewed About the Wildfires Gives His Band a Plug

Eyewitness Video of Friday’s Failed Astra Rocket Launch

Bellator fight stopped after fighter takes two horrific nut shots!

You’ll never see this guys party trick coming!

Someone’s kitty is sending a message!

Indoor donuts on a 4-Wheeler doesn’t go as planned

Man takes leap off cliff to swing on insane rope swing!

Tennessee Woman Arrested After Chewing On Horse’s Mane Thinking It Was Candy

Golden Retriever Becomes Viral Star For Jumping Into Owner’s Arms Everyday

Postcard Stamped in 1920 Delivered 100 Years Later

Thai Man Has Penis Bitten By A Snake While Sitting On The Toilet

Ohio Man Arrested Second Time For Driving Nude

Woman Bites Husband’s Penis After He Refuses To Get Rat Out Of Bedroom

Jelly Belly Founder Launches Golden Ticket Treasure Hunt For Candy Factory

Florida Woman Allegedly Strips and Uses Sex Toy In Store

TV Audience Stunned After Morning Show Accidentally Flashes Nudist Man’s Penis

Kentucky Driver Pulled Over For DIY Hand-Drawn License Plate

Man Blows Up Part of His House While Chasing Fly

The Glory That Is The Drunken Ring Girl

$26.5M home includes massive ‘Star Wars’ museum in the basement. Peek inside

The Perfect Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Officer Forgets To Apply Parking Brake During A Traffic Stop!

Flight Attendants That’ll Get You In The Upright & Locked Position

Bodycam Video of Police Pulling a Man to Safety From an Overpass