Jade Springart

Jade Springart

Sports and beer go hand in hand. We all know this, but the truth is going to the arena these days can cost a pretty penny. That’s why we all love a good pre-gaming tailgate! It doesn’t have to be football to throw a tailgate, but once the weather starts getting colder, it gets harder and harder to justify standing outside around a tailgate when you can just go inside the arena and grab a beer. (You can also always hit up your favorite dive before heading to the game.) So how much is it going to cost to have a cold, frosty, delicious beverage while watching the Pistons in action? Check out the list of all 32 NBA teams below. It will definitely be cheaper to watch the Pistons and have a beer at LCA than heading out to see the Golden State Warriors (insert wide eyed emoji)! Adam Thompson, who did the research here used a specific formula to determine an average price for each team including reaching out to the teams themselves. He then calculated the price based on a 16 oz. general cold snack, no specific brands. Check out the results:

  • Golden State Warriors/Boston Celtics: $17.28

    $17.28?! What do they think, their fans are made of gold? I get it, both teams are pretty good consistently but give your supporters a break and let them celebrate for less!



  • Denver Nuggets: $14.72

    AG has a problem with the rim and I have a problem with these beer prices!!!


  • New York Knicks: $13.76

    I suppose everything in New York is more expensive. At least it’s not $17, right?


  • Brooklyn Nets: $12.96

    Again, everything in New York is more expensive. KD says NOPE on this play, I say NOPE on this beer price!


  • Dallas Mavericks/New Orleans Pelicans: $12.00

    $12 bucks is definitely more reasonable when it comes to arena/stadium pricing. Still too much if you ask me, but more understandable. I also attribute this in the case of Dallas by being owned by a shark. At least their social media is entertaining.


  • Milwaukee Bucks: $11.52

    As recent champions, I’ll let them slide on this price. I still say if you win a championship, the entire city should get free beer. Probably why I’m not on their marketing teams. They also did a bar tour which is pretty rad.


  • Miami Heat: $11.20

    Another place where it seems things are more expensive than they need to be. All the people are hotter too and I’ve got beef with that as well.

  • L.A. Lakers/Minnesota Timberwolves/L.A. Clippers/Portland Trail Blazers: $11.04

    I feel like this price makes sense for both L.A. teams, and even Portland. But Minnesota? They should be paying people to go to that frozen tundra in the winter!


  • Washington Wizards/Houston Rockets: $10.56

    Average price. I suppose if I made any comment, I’d be complaining to complain.

  • Phoenix Suns/Sacramento Kings: $10.40

    C’mon people, it’s REALLY hot in Phoenix. Give them a frosty beer for cheaper to cool off! Their team is LITERALLY the sun. Look at how hot this preview of the city looks.


  • Utah Jazz/Charlotte Hornets: $10.08

    We’re so close to breaking $10. Just do it. Dooooooo itttttttt. Make everyone happy.


  • Chicago Bulls: $9.76

    If the legendary Chicago Bulls can sell beer for less than $10, everyone else can too. I’m just saying…


  • Toronto Raptors/Orlando Magic: $9.44

    Beer is really good in Canada and with the exchange rate it’s even less. (I think, I’m not sure I understand the how the exchange rate works.) Either way, Drake approves.

  • Philadelphia 76ers: $9.28

    The city of brotherly love and paying homage to when they signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. I bet you Ben Franklin would be pissed if he knew people were honoring the DOI with $9 beer. He signed that thing, right?


  • Memphis Grizzlies: $8.96

    I would honestly find it more acceptable for this team to charge more. Your mascot is a G-D grizzly. I wouldn’t f around with a grizzly. You want me to pay more than $9 for a beer. You got it. I’ll pay a lot more for you to not maul me.


  • San Antonio Spurs: $8.00

    I’d pay $8 for a beer over getting stabbed with a cowboy’s spur. I’ll accept this.


  • Indiana Pacers: $7.20

    Straight up, I think both Indiana and Detroit owe their entire fan bases STILL after what happened at the Palace in 2004. (Insert eye roll here.)

  • Detroit Pistons/Atlanta Hawks: $6.72

    Alright! Here we go! Thank you Deeeeeetroit basketball for making a beer some what affordable. I’ve gone to bars in Detroit that charge more than $7 for a cold snack so I’m going to be okay with this. I just hope Cade Cunningham and the team can get some W’s this season!

  • OKC Thunder: $6.08

    Oooooklahoma where the beer is cheap!!! Isn’t that a song? Just over $6 for a beer? I’ll take it!

  • Cleveland Cavaliers: $5.28

    Effing Ohio, man. They would have the cheapest beer. I could insert so many jokes about Ohio here, but I won’t. This cheap beer at their arena makes this state slightly (very slightly) more bearable. I’m kidding. Kinda.

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