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Riff2’s Undiscovered Spins Chats with MisterWives

MisterWives is a 5 piece band that originated in New York and debuted in 2015. The band features Mandy Lee, William Hehir , Marc Campbell, Etienne Bowler, and Mike Murphy. Their alternative/punk sound is addicting and incredibly easy to lose yourself in. They now have four killer albums, and a killer sense of humor considering their band name “MisterWives” is a play on the term “SisterWives.” Their most recent album “Nosebleeds” just dropped on July 14th and is FULL of bops! As far as the songs go, they are even better than I could have imagined. “Out of Your Mind” is the perfect song for a rage fueled night out, follow it with their song “Ultraviolet” for an emotional come down and finally relax with their tenth track “Flower Moon” for a top tier listening experience. I had the opportunity to chat with MisterWives about their album “Nosebleeds” and ask them a few questions about the album! When I asked about the title of the album and what “Nosebleeds” is about, Mandy said the song was “a response to the punches that have been these last few years of feeling really beat down, and high up from where you want to be.” She mentioned that she started writing the song 2 years ago and did not finish it, but the phrase  kept showing up to the point where she felt a story needed to be told. They are headed on tour with Bishop Briggs this September + October and will be kicking off the tour in Nashville. Luckily, they will be making a stop in Detroit on September 20th at The Majestic Theatre! “Nosebleeds” is a standout album with incredible energy and catchy tunes. You definitely need it in your music library! Check out my full interview below!

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