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DETROIT, MICHIGAN - JANUARY 01: Jared Goff #16 of the Detroit Lions celebrates as they walk off the field after a win over the Chicago Bears at Ford Field on January 01, 2023 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

It’s been a wild ride this NFL season and us Lions fans know that more than anyone! Originally starting the season 1-6, a lot of fans we’re saying ‘same old Lions’ once again. But then, something happened. The Lions played the Packers at Ford Field on November 6th in what was a pretty mediocre game overall, but pulled off the win 15-9. Aaron Rodgers was his usual self making snide comments about our boy Aiden Hutchinson picking him off, but who cares what Aaron Rodgers thinks?

Our Detroit Lions went on to win the next 7 games completely turning this season around! Our hearts grew like the Grinch as we watched this happen, and now it all comes down to the final week The Lions were flexed into their first primetime game of the season taking on the Packers at Lambeau Field for Sunday Night Football that’s sure to be one for the ages! We  NEED to win in order to make the playoffs, but there’s a catch.

Earlier in the afternoon the LA Rams will take on the Seattle Seahawks and we’re all too familiar with the Rams. When the Rams went to the Super Bowl last year, there was a lot of support for the team here in Detroit as their quarterback was our former. A lot of us wanted to see Matthew Stafford win a Super Bowl and he did! People even made Detroit Rams shirts to show their support. Well now, we NEED those Rams to make our playoff dreams come true. The Rams MUST beat Seattle in order for the Lions to get in and they’ve taken notice of our fan base rooting them on. They posted up a pretty funny tweet earlier today and to be honest, knowing our boy Stafford, they’re gonna do their damnedest to help our playoff dreams! Keep Tweeting them Lions fans and LET’S GO!

5 Incredible Things NFL Critics Are Saying About the Detroit Lions

It’s such a great time to be a Lions fan. After years – heck, decades – of losing streaks and being the brunt of NFL jokes, the team is on a high, having won five of their last six games. It’s for real, too. The numbers don’t lie, and Jared Goff and company are pulling off fantastic numbers game in and game out.

Now, the NFL world is taking notice. NFL commentators and critics across America are dubbing the Detroit Lions as the team to beat. They’re giving us the kind of respect we’ve longed for many years.

It feels good, right? Let’s drink some Blue Kool-Aid together.

Read on for five incredible things outlets are saying about the Detroit Lions. Also, listen to the latest episode of the WRIF’s “The Squad with Anne Erickson” below! Reach out to Anne on Facebook here.

  • NFL.com

    NFL.com states, “These Lions are for real. Dan Campbell’s team continued to roll the opposition on Sunday, this time piling up 464 yards on the NFC North-leading Vikings in a 34-23 win at raucous Ford Field. The offense is led by Jared Goff, who is playing quarterback at a very high level right now. The veteran threw for 330 yards and three touchdowns, and he has not thrown an interception in five weeks. Goff and Co. will face a stiff test with a Week 15 trip to the Meadowlands to face the Jets. If this offense proves it can travel against a tough defense in the elements, we’ll be talking about a playoff team in Detroit come January.”

  • ESPN

    ESPN states, “There’s no denying that the Lions’ offense is capable of putting up big numbers on any team in the league — scoring at least 30 points in seven games this season. Defensively, however, they aren’t great at stopping anyone, either. The Lions’ D is allowing 403.2 total yards per game and 26.7 points per game, which are both the second-highest marks in the league.”

  • Yahoo Sports

    Yahoo Sports states, “It’ll be a shame if the Lions don’t make the playoffs. They’re currently better than the Commanders, Seahawks or Giants, the three teams ahead of Detroit for the final two wild-card spots. The Lions have no excuses for a putrid 1-6 start that put them in this hole. But they’re playing really well now, and have been for six weeks.”

  • USA Today

    USA Today states, “For the first time in the Super Bowl era (since 1966), they’ve scored at least 25 points in five consecutive games. Not only can Detroit become the first team since 1990 to overcome a 1-6 start to reach the playoffs, it’s also primed to get a lot better in 2023 with two more first-round picks — including the Rams’, which is likely to be in the top five.”

  • Sporting News

    Sporting News states, “The Lions have all their key offensive pieces back healthy around Jared Goff and their strong line, and it’s showing with their explosion, especially at home. But it’s really Aidan Hutchinson and the defense that have sparked the big turnaround.”