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Nothing says “’Merica” quite like hot dogs and hard seltzers, right? And as we’re getting ready for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, I imagine a lot of us will be stocking up on both of those things. The fine folks down in Texas though, they’re not f*cking around this 4th of July. They said, “Listen, why spend money on hot dogs AND hard seltzers when you can just combine the two?” I wish I was joking.

Fort Worth’s Martin House Brewing Company decided a great way to get everyone to vomit this summer is by using the water used to cook hot dogs to create a new hard seltzer that would give the creators of ‘Saw’ nightmares. They’re calling it “Bun Length” and personally, I would like to be 8,768 bun lengths away from this beverage. The plan to debut it at their Glizzy Fest on July 16th. Another event I would like to be multiple bun lengths away from. It’ll be 5.2% ABV, and I’m going to need a lot more alcohol to forget I ever learned of such a heinous creation.

The brewery also has a mustard picked beer and is it too much to ask for just a good ole’ American lager these days?!

🌭 Getting the hot dog water ready for the glizzy seltzer.

Posted by Martin House Brewing Company on Tuesday, June 21, 2022