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After being highly advertised to play the halftime show, myself and others are baffled about what the hell NBC was doing showing Ozzy for less than 10 Seconds and having Tony Dungy do football analysis why Ozzy’s playing his new hit single. Tony’s never had a number one single in his life! Fans of Ozzy took to Twitter in outrage. I think the only thing that will remedy this situation is letting Ozzy play the halftime at the Super Bowl solo and with Black Sabbath! Who’s with me?

Ozzy Osbourne Fans Pissed Over 10 Second Airtime of NFL Performance

Ozzy Osbourne was scheduled to perform the halftime show of the Los Angeles Rams’ season opener last night. However, fans at home saw only 10 seconds of the performance on NBC.

Per multiple sources — including Consequence and Ultimate Classic Rock — Osbourne’s performance was introduced by NBC’s Maria Taylor. He was in the middle of singing “Patient Number 9,” the title track of his new album out today. Only 10 seconds of the performance was aired on NBC before the broadcast cut to analysts talking about the first half of the game between defending Super Bowl Champion Rams and the visiting Buffalo Bills.

Many fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about tuning into the broadcast for such little payoff. Here are some notable responses. Following the reactions, fan-shot footage of the entire performance can be viewed.

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