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Games have sure changed over the years. My homework as a child started with the Sunday Morning Free Press which had all the toy ads. I could do all my Christmas wishes at one time.

This is a list of the top games and toys I remember getting as a young screamin’ kid. I hope some of these games spark a good childhood memory or two. In some of the games, you will see why they don’t make any more for being too dangerous.

  • Battling Tops Game

    I simply loved this game! Hours of fun with my neighborhood pals. The noise when to tops were spinning had this unique tone and buzzing. Lot of wear and tear and mostly fun.


    Ker-Plunk is a blast from the past. 2 to 4 players can play. Players take turns pulling sticks, trying not to let any marbles fall. The person with the least marbles at end of game wins. My parents hated this, as it made a lot of noise when marbles fell.

  • Mattel Electronics Football

    I still have my Mattel Electronic Football game and still works. I almost had the complete collection that included, basketball, baseball and hockey. The game had 2 features that you could switch and would make the game harder. I got busted playing in school and had it taken away. The damn thing didn’t have a mute button untill later versions came out.

  • Air Hockey Game

    This was so cool for many years with family and friends. My pops was pretty good at playing. Got to be pretty dangerous playing with flying pucks off the table. Also, I made my plex-glass pucks in shop class in Jr. High School.

  • Time Bomb

    Time Bomb draws inspiration from the children’s game of “Hot Potato.” 2-12 players stand in a circle facing each other. One player winds up the fuse on the “bomb” and starts tossing it around the circle. The toy ticks audibly as it is tossed back and forth until the bomb “explodes” with a loud popping sound. The player holding the bomb when it goes off is then out of the game. The game continues until only one player remains and is named the winner. Funny thing is I wonder why they don’t make this game anymore for some strange reason.

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