Ready for New Years Eve

Here we go to end another year together! Let’s just say this year was a bit of a challenge compared to other years. Still coming back from the COVID-19 era, and we’re still learning to get back to living again. Today, I made a pop-tart in the toaster right off the bat, it shot out of the toaster onto the floor. I’m ready for a new year of smiles and better times. I found some stats on everything around New Year’s Eve you might find interesting!

We’ll start with this one: 80 million people will travel this weekend. Heads up Southwest Airlines… 70% of people on average will spend 50 dollars or more on food and drink. 59% will spend the night celebrating with friends and family. 52% will ring in the New year at home. 12% (people who are like me and are accident prone) will spend the night in the emergency room due to alcohol or drug-related injuries. Less than 1% are injured by a champagne cork. Please don’t drink and drive as over 40,000 accidents happen on NYE weekend. 61% will not bother making a New Year’s resolution, and it takes on average only 36 days after January to mess up your resolution.

I’m thankful for everything I have experienced over this past year. Thanks to my bosses Jade Springart and  Scott Jameson. Anne Erikson, and the I.T. crew for everything including their patience with me. All of my co-workers, Dave & Chuck the Freak, Lisa, James, Andy, Al Beck, Jason, Meltdown, Chuck Bean, Aimee, Jonel and Steve Black for keeping my smile going. William Spurrier and Morgan Holsworth for the funny videos we make. Everyone upstairs at work who I don’t get to see very often, but I will work on that this year. Sherri Powers and the engineering staff for keeping me on the air. To Kathy Flesher for being there since radio began. Lauren Conn for everything. Jennifer Williams for getting me up to speed. Mac Edwards for being not only my GM but a wonderful friend. To the entire staff at Beasley Media, I give thanks.

To the best cheese to please with my band Chit! Happy 10 years of rock and debauchery. To my Screamin’ Angels charity crew, let’s do it again. And to my wife, all my friends, and family, here’s to a great year ahead for 2023. Thank you!

~screamin scott

Songs about New Years Eve-Screamin Scott

Sure everyone knows there is a ton of Christmas songs drilled into our heads this season. But what about New Year’s Eve? I’ve been trying to remember songs about New Year’s Eve and I’m really drawing a blank. Except for “Auld Lang Syne” of course. Still to this day I don’t know what it means but according to the Internet, “Auld Lang Syne” translates to “old long since” in English and means something like, “times gone by.” Thought I’d do some research and find a few New Years’ Eve Songs.


    Found this New Years Eve song on Kid Rock’s album “Rebel Soul” If you are in a local band and have ever played a NYE show. Pretty much sums it up. Still great song and still love the video.


  • Ella Fitzgerald - "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

    I remember this one from my childhood growing up. But nobody sang it better the Ella Fitzgerald. Truly magnificent vocalist here, more people should appreciate it. Still gives me goosebumps.

  • Dan Fogelberg ~ Same Old Lang Syne

    A 1975 Christmas Eve encounter with his ex-girlfriend in a local convenience-store, 5 years later, Dan released the beautiful song “Same Old Lang Syne”. I know it sounds sappy but to find out it was a true story gives it some street credibility. 


  • Five Iron Frenzy - New Year's Eve

    Five Iron Frenzy is an American band from Denver. Best known for playing ska punk music characterized by an offbeat sense of humor. Fun songs and had to list this one for my love of ska punk bands of the 90’s

  • The Almighty CHIT ! Everybody's Rockin This New Years Eve.

    The last song is a little comic relief from my band. I wrote this song with a very close friend Jen Powers. I noticed there weren’t too many rock songs about NYE and thought I would take a stab at writing a song about New Year’s Eve. A Chit original that has stood the test of time with people without a watch. Enjoy the year 2023 everyone. Hope you catch a Chit show at a venue near you.  ~screamin

Born in Mt Clemens, Screamin has been a part of the Detroit airwaves for over 29 years with 26 at WRIF and 3 years as a morning show host at Z-Rock. When he’s not out on the streets, you can find him in his game room, where he collects jukeboxes and classic pinball machines. Screamin also devotes time doing local charities with his, "Screamin Angels"; and for 15 years with Rock 4 Tots charity. “CHIT” is his local cover band for 10 years all over the Motor City in local bars and has graced the main stage at local festivals like Arts, Beats & Eats warming up for national acts like Cheap Trick, Guess Who & even Salt & Peppa. Screamin’ is the lead singer and also plays cowbell & lead triangle