Who’s the Main Character in “Friends” anyway?

Sitcoms may not be everyone's favorite genre of television. One thing that is for sure though, sitcoms are still hugely popular. Some may even argue that the 1990's is when the sitcom genre as a whole peaked. We had mega-popular shows like Seinfeld, and Friends. Other popular shows include "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", "Boy Meets World", "Frasier", "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", "Home Improvement" and of course many others! One thing that's worth noting about all of those 90's TV series' that were mentioned, is that they all have pretty well-established main characters. Looking at "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", Will Smith is the main character, in "Home Improvement" it's Tim Allen, "Seinfeld" has Jerry Seinfeld and so on. All these characters received the most screen time by far. In addition to the screen time, the main character also is the focus of the majority of, if not all of the episode and season themes of the series. The story is typically told through the perspective of the main character and the other characters have to react to how he or she deals with the world. What about "Friends"? It's quite interesting when a show deviates from this story design. The main character is typically a pretty straight forward concept. There is one 90's sitcom in particular that many believe contains zero main characters. The show "Friends" is seemingly told through the perspective of 6 friends simultaneously throughout the entirety of the series. But that can't be true, all 6 characters are the main character? Truly there has to be one person whose story takes center stage above the rest. Even if the show focuses on 6 different people surely there is one or maybe two main characters at minimum. In this story I will take a deep dive into each character in the series to conclude if "Friends" has one definitive main character or if all 6 are truly the main character.    

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