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When it was decided that we, as a society, would start going back to the office (post-COVID) instead of working from home a lot of people were upset. Rightfully, they had many reasons to be. Working from home allowed employees to save money on gas. It allowed them to spend more time with their families and their pets. Let’s be honest, staying home and working also meant getting to work in our PJs and sweatpants. However, the best thing about working from home? Not having to deal with our co-workers and their annoying habits every day of the week.

Seriously, have you ever thought about how enjoyable work would be if you didn’t have to deal with all of that? Work is already hard and stressful enough without having to deal with the doofus in the cubicle next to you. It just piles on. After a week back into the office after Work From Home, I’m certain many of us were looking for a new job. Maybe even considering changing careers just to find a job where you didn’t have to put up with other people. Am I speaking too personally? I refuse to believe I’m the only one. I simply can’t be.

Chances are, even though we’ve worked at different places, we’ve probably dealt with the same types of people. There isn’t an office or work place in the country without at least one annoying co-worker. If there is, by all means please let me know. Once upon a time, I actually considered myself to be a people person. Then, after working with people, I realized I may have been wrong about myself. To be honest, I’m annoyed by most people. I’m also not afraid to admit, I probably, also, annoy most people, too. I’m no different. I’m likely just as guilty, and certainly have my own flaws and annoying habits in the work place. I’m sure some of my co-workers don’t enjoy working with a guy who’s on his phone Tweeting all day. Is that my problem? Yeah, probably.

So, having lived and learned and experienced a wide variety of co-workers in the office, I’ve made a list of the five most annoying co-workers in the office. Now, this isn’t just my office or places I’ve worked. I guarantee you’ve worked with co-workers who also fit some of these descriptions and were probably just as annoyed as I am. Or, maybe a little less, I tend to get annoyed quite easily. But I digress…here’s my list of the 5 Most Annoying Co-Workers In The Office. Have you worked with any of these people?

Working together in an office

Working in an office again. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

  • The Co-Worker Who Drags Out Meetings

    I’ve actually previously vented about this type of co-worker before with my list of The 5 Worst People In Every Work Meeting. I mean, seriously, don’t you people want to go home? Who wants to be stuck in a meeting any longer than it needs to be? I’m of the mindset that 95% of meetings could have simply been an e-mail. Meetings aren’t the time for your personal stories, or to ask questions that only pertain to you. There’s an unwritten etiquette for meeting behavior and none of us seem to be following it! 1. End the meeting as soon as possible. 2. If they ask if there are any questions, only ask if it’s vital for the entire group. 3. Be a team player, think about your teammates needs and feelings. 4. Be on time for the meeting. Don’t make your co-workers sit around waiting for you, because sometimes we then have to hear all that info again once you finally get in the meeting. That means we sat through the same meeting twice, when I didn’t even want to be there in the first place! Bosses, that goes for you, too. Start the meeting on time and end the meeting on the time that it’s scheduled to end. We have other stuff to do. Probably. Extending a meeting without proper notice will have an affect on the rest of our day. We have other things on our scheduled. We scheduled around this meeting. Ugh. Can you tell I’ve dealt with this before?

  • The Co-Worker Who Clips Their Nails At Their Desk

    C’mon have a little respect. Not only is the sound annoying, but those things go flying all over the place! They’re unpredictable. There’s no way every single clipping is making it in the the trash can you have set out. And for the love of all things deemed holy, if you’re going to clip your nails at work, like if it’s absolutely essential, then please make sure it’s your finger nails. It is never, and I mean NEVER, acceptable to clip your toe nails at work. Who raised you? Are you a Wildling? Do that at home! What is wrong with you?

  • The Co-Worker Who Hits You Up When You're Off

    Whenever I go on vacation, I make sure to let all of my co-workers, managers, and third parties I often work in collaboration with that I will be off on these given days and returning on such day. I keep everyone in the loop, that way they know that I will be out of touch and we can sync once I’m back from vacation. No problem. I even set up an Out Of Office email explaining that I’m out of town, away from my email and phone, and will get back to them upon my return. Sometimes, co-workers don’t understand what a vacation is, and will still try to contact me with a work question anyways. They’re more than welcome to do that…just don’t expect a response. I’m on vacation.

    Same goes with sick days. If you are aware that I am out of work sick, don’t contact me. If I’m too sick to come in to work, I can assure you I’m too sick to answer your question or do anything work related…otherwise I’d be there! Trust me, it can wait (and will wait).

  • The Co-Worker Who Only Talks To You When They Need Something

    I know I just vented about not wanting co-workers to contact me when I’m out of work on vacation of sick leave, but when we’re at work we should have a solid relationship. I don’t think we need to be friends, but we should all certainly be friendly. That makes for a better work experience for all. If you can’t fake it from 9-5 then that’s something you need to work on. I can’t stand co-workers who will only speak to you when they need something from you. They’re one of the worst. There have been so many co-workers I’ve dealt with over the years who will only talk business and will only approach me when they need something. If I need to go to them with something, even work related, they get annoyed and bothered, but come time they need something it’s all flowers and rainbows. Kick rocks. Did you not play team sports growing up? It teaches you a lot of lessons about being a teammate. It’s not all about you, guy! Show your co-workers a little respect, you have to put in the tiniest bit of effort. It’s not too hard. There’s no need to be a jerk.

  • The Co-Worker Who Will Do Anything To Get Ahead

    I can’t stand working with brown nosers. It’s shocking to me that it still often works! How does the boss not see through what you’re doing? It’s so fake and such a cringe-worthy eye roll. It’s truly an awful way to get ahead. Why don’t you develop skills or a hard work ethic without putting your nose there? I find it very hard to get along with these types of co-workers because you know they’re talking bad behind your back, trying to do anything to get ahead, to make up for their lack of skills and ability. They point fingers, and will find a way to throw you under the bus for anything without hesitation. It just makes for a toxic work environment.

    These five aren’t the only annoying co-workers, however. You’ve still got the ones who try to get you to support their causes, the bullies, the co-workers who refuse to help, and more. Did I miss any? Send me a Tweet!

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